Friday, December 04, 2009

I am not lazy

Just been busy! Really hectic weekends and weekdays.

I loved Thanksgiving Weekend. It was fun. Four days, at home, with Babs and my husband's family. We did little and took good rest. Well, not really.

My SIL and I went shopping at 12.00am on Black Friday. It was super fun. We shopped a little but what we actually enjoyed was relaxing and going to a mall without the kids and buying stuff for ourselves for a change. It was good fun. We also followed it up early in the morning to go shopping at Macy's. All in all, I blew up quite a bit of our $$ and G was super upset that I only spent $20 for him.

One of the days when it was nice and 70 degs outside, we went to Lake Texoma. We got lost on our way there. So we kind of bungled around and landed up at this local Cajun restaurant. The hostess there was super nice. She helped us find out way back and also helped me find a place to ride horses. I was super excited.

We went to the horse riding place and learnt that we would each be given a horse to ride on, we will have a guide and it was a one hour tour in a 200 acre farm. I was really worried if Babs would get on a horse with G. She is afraid of the little horsie toys in the malls and play areas. So I was concerned. But she was a super sport. Mounted the horse with daddy and sang songs all through the trail.

G even galloped a bit but the rest of us stuck to a canter at best. The trail was super fun, lots of trees, and we all had brilliant horses that showed the best time. I want to do it again and if you live in Texas and want to go horse riding, ping me and I will give you contact info for Andy.

After the quick update I have to sign off. It will be two weeks before I ping back. Too much work and parents will be in town for a week. So until then...ciao :)


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ArshiK said...

Thats so sounds like so much some pics if you can :-) SD and I would love to do there sometime....nature trails are great...soak in the atmosphere, some lovely photo-ops...nice!