Friday, November 13, 2009


And I want to write something down. I am tired. Babs is sick again. I have a dentist appointment and life goes on.

I made breakfast this morning for work. It was my turn for the breakfast club at work. I made a frittata and a huge fruit bowl. I will put the recipe for the frittata on the website soon. I made one mid-size tray and two mini ones. I sent one with G for his work, kept one for safety and the mid-size one and fruit bowl came to work with me. All is well.

I almost took the day off this morning because Babs had a fever the whole night but both her baby sitter and G told me not to worry about it unless the temperature runs high. AG, my colleague picked up the breakfast for me from home while I dropped Babs and came to work.

Like everyone wants to know how sucky my day was.

Anyways, I am watching the Telugu movie Kick, finally. I say finally because there is a funny story.

I do not know to read or write Telugu. I can only speak the language and I love the language but cannot write it. Dad tried three times to teach me and all three times I did not go past A and Aa. Learning to write Tamil was a necessity because I lived in Chennai but Telugu was just a luxury which I could live without happily.

Anyway, coming back to my story. I went to the store, asked for Kick, the guy handed me a DVD that said Kick written on it. Came home, saw the movie, it was decent, time pass and I was happy that I had seen the very popular movie.

Next day, I am talking to another Telugu friend to whom I proudly mentioned that I saw Kick and it was decent. He asked me, "so you like Ravi Teja?"

"No, I think he is ugly and old. But how does that matter, Kick has Allu Arjun in it."

He laughed and said, "nope, Kick has RT in it and Illeana."

I argued saying that he saw the wrong movie, "I should know, I saw the movie."

"What is the story."

I told him the synopsis.

"That movie is Parugu."

I was stunned. I had seen an entire movie thinking it was another movie. Had only I known to read Telugu, this mistake could have been averted, although I always fast forward the first 10 minutes. I was super embarrassed. I went to the store and demanded a return.

So, I am half way through watching Kick. I still cannot stand Ravi Teja. He is way too ugly, and old and Illeana is cute and such a mismatch for him. So when I finish it off, I will write more on the movie.

I have few other movies to watch over the weekend and hopefully I will have enough time. This is the first weekend in many when I have absolutely no plans and hopefully I will make the best use of it. Also, I pray and hope that Babs will get better soon and that I can take her out tomorrow if the weather permits.

With all that said.
I am signing off



vimmuuu said...

OMG !!!!! OH MY GOD !!!!! You watched a whole movie without even knowing name of it ????You are impossible Anu !!! :D :D :D :D

Btw, kick is being remade in Tamil as Thillaalangadi ! Jayam Ravi and Tamanna !!!

Sum said...

Ha ha.... I sometimes watch Tamil movies without knowing the name.... and then tell the story to friends and get to know the movie name!!!

Hope Babs is well by now...

Suchi said...

Oh Anu, hope Babs feels better soon (hopefully she is well by now).

Ditto on my feelings towards Ravi Teja :) Can't stand the dude, but forced to see him now and then.

SG said...

I have done that once involving a Tamil movie. The sad part is I can also read Tamil. I was not in the room when they showed the movie title in the TV (Rented DVD). So I assumed it was a particular movie and in the end me and my wife had this big argument. When she replayed the opening scenes again, I know I lost.

By the way, have you watched Paranormal Activity. What do you think?