Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So Megha put me up for this foodie tag. Yes, the truth is I love to eat although I hate to pay more attention to how it is made unless it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare a dish. And almost all my memories of good food is from my amma's kitchen and my growing up days...

  • Deepavali mornings when my mom used to make Idli/dosa and Vadakari for breakfast. You should eat it once to know how yummy it is. I remember smelling the yummy Vadakari (the smell of cilantro and cloves) when you walk into the house after a fresh round of bursting crackers on the street.

  • Krishna Jayanthi. Mom made boat loads of food for this day. More so on the line of sweets. It would range from laddu, murukku, sweet seedai, spicy seedai, thattai, somas, karasev, karaboondi, golbela, diamond cuts, mixture, etc. She used to at least make 13 items every Krishna jayanthi. Her preps for this festival would start a week ahead and she would cook these items and hide them from us because she did not want us to eat up everything before the festival itself. Every evening when I came back home from school I could smell what she had prepared and it would make me go hungry instantly. Mom always saved up some scraps for all of us to eat up in the evening...miss those days.

  • I remember the days when we used to go to the pool during summer vacation, spend an entire noon there. Get tired and hungry instantly. Dad would buy us goldspot or some soda at the club and then buy us either bonda from the club or mom would have made fresh bread bajji's for us...those used to taste like nectar. My brothers and I would gobble them up as soon as they got out of the frying oil. Bread bajji and sauce, bonda and chutney, just plain ol' bajji and chutney...my childhood.

  • This is going to sound weird, but the first time I ate Rajma made by G during our K-State days. I had never eaten that bean before ever. And when I came home from a tiring day at school, I gobbled up on this dish and then learned to cook it too. Later I cooked it so much that I began to hate it and quit eating it for almost three years. Now I cook it once in a while.

  • Then Kandha Poha and chai for breakfast that G makes on Saturdays...yummm...he makes the best breakfast ever, er...he cooks the best ever next only to my amma.

Ok Tag time...Sum, Puja, Shilpa, Vimmmu, Arshiya...go on take it up...write it down.



Megha Bansal said...

finally ;)
our moms are wonder women right?!
lovely memories...
weekend breakfasts are the best right?

Anu Russell said...

Absolutely!!! I love waking up to chai and breakfast on weekends...

vimmuuu said...

Saapaadu Ramani !!!!!

I donno if I could ever do justice to this tag. I am not at all a foodie and consider eating as just a part of my routine to survive :D :D :D :D

Sum said...

Hmmm... I love this tag.... Wanted to write about a couple of memories as it is, now that i have a tag, i will!

asaaan said...

Nice. I did the food tag a while ago and I was starving after I was done with the tag.

Now I read yours and am starving as well.

shilpa said...

Yummm! Moms are the best....in everything! Thanks for tagging me Art but I already did it here: