Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Its 2009!!!!!!!!!

I am blogging in 2009! Yay!

I stayed away from the computer starting December 25 through January 4th. I signed in just to check e-mail, that too once in every two days or so but pretty much kept away from anything that could stress me out. I even ignored reading annoying blogs, which I usually read for the sake of entertainment. Now I cannot really always expect everyone to write what I want to hear, can I? So annoying blogs make me see what everyone with an annoying perspective think like and so on, therefore I waste about 15 mins a day on them!Well, enough with annoying blogs already.

So starting Dec 25 through Jan 4th early morning we were camped at Fremont, CA at Chez Prabhu's, G's Cousin S, wife SS and little darling R. In the last two years it was probably the best time we have had. So much fun, and got to do loads of things, especially with two kids we still got to behave like kids. G's bro and wife, M and P were also there for 75% of the trip.

We saw SFO, the crooked street, fisherman's wharf, Museum of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito, got to play Bocce Ball for the first time, went to a nice Temple, saw the bay at Berkley and the beautiful campus at Stanford, the hills and the vales of SFO, even got to visit a two storey (WOW) Target in a mall. We cooked and ate boatloads of food, and played a bit of carrom and erected a Christmas tree and also had a fun Christmas party at home.

We were loaded on caffeine, fun, the car was loaded on gas and music filled our lungs. I say that because R somehow liked my voice, I wonder why, seriously, but everytime I sang he gave up throwing a tantrum and listened to me patiently. Now since I love music, I sang to him some real classics from Singh is Kinng (Bhootni ke and the title song), Dostana (munda sadda, and all others), Welcome, Race (oh Jaane Ja, Touch me), Kismet Konnection (Aye Paapi, Bakhuda) and such, songs that only I can reproduce. I think the rest of them in the car were waiting for the torture to end! But I enjoyed doing encores. And they should all be thankful that I did not sing any Himessss.

Then we went to the Lake Tahoe. Beauuuuutiful! Picture perfect. We had the best weather possible. It was about 40 F and we did not even need a jacket till we went sledging. We did loads of stuff around the city and then headed down to Reno, Nevada to spend a night in a hotel called Golden Sierra Resort. We had a beautiful room, a perfect view to the mountains when the sun came up in the morning. We gambled. G gave me a budget of $20 and told me to go and enjoy. Me and SS came back with $5 winnings. We giggled and squealed and jumped holding hands. Felt like kids again while everyone around thought we had won $5K. G and S were angry that we did not spend more time on the floor and came back up so early.

Later SS offered to keep Babs with her for a while so that G and I could go gambling. We went down clutching the $25 coins in our hands and came back with $300. Yes! We made $250 on a slot machine and then the rest at roulette. It was fun. We were high on our victory especially since it was the New Years day too. What a fun way to start. Hopefully this is not God's way of telling us, "here is a bonus, now the rest of the year is going to suck!" The pessimist in me comes out!

Happy New Year Once again and hope all of you had fun too :) Write back and let me know what y'all did for new year.

PS: Did you notice that we did not do anything NY's eve? It was the best decision ever. We were in no stress to find a party where we could take a baby. No stress to dress up. No stress to wish strangers Happy New Year. It was just us. So perfect! I think I will do it again!


remabh said...

For a start, your new year days sounded really fun :)

added u in blogroll :)

Shar said...

Hey Anu.....Happy New Year yaar,,,,,Heard u met Satheesh....I am yet to meet that cheeky Bugs....been weeks....

Anu Russell said...

thanks Remabh...with the way the economy is heading I am not sure how really fun the year ahead is going to be! :(

ya met Sathu briefly though...I wish I could have spent more time with him...I had my hubby and his cousin so we had to be totally formal and talking in English and all that...but next time it might be better :)