Friday, January 30, 2009


For so many years, actually thousands of years, among many things that Indians flaunt as theirs is this thing called "Indian Culture." Somebody has to explain to me in black and white what the hell that is. Is there such a common thing as Indian culture that pertains to the entire country?? Is there? There are a few common things but then aren't we as a united country, poles apart? No kidding right?

I am from Tamilnadu (A golt born in Tiruchy) and say you are from Rajasthan. Is there anything common between us? Hell, there are few things common even between two states sharing border. And yet we have a common culture called the "Indian culture?" That a few idiots take it upon themselves to defend. Aren't we the so called "Melting-Pot" of all cultures? Are we not famous for absorbing things from elsewhere and making it our own with a twist? Then what the hell are these people running behind with baton's in their hands calling "Indian Culture?"

OK, for those who don't know these idiots, let me explain, and beware this is only for the Indian women and cannot be applied to women from any other country. This is how these idiots define Indian culture...(Argh!)
  • An Indian women is she who stays at home at all times.
  • The lady who climbs the pyre with her dead husband in the name of true-love.
  • The lady who dedicates her life between kitchen, pooja room and bedroom.
  • The women who never questions her husband.
  • Covers herself head to toe.
  • Alcohol? What are you talking about?
  • The women who never answers back to her husband.
  • The lady who is educated but cannot sound educated.
So on and so forth, you are welcome to add to the list...

But then, that is not how we all are is it? I am educated. I like to talk "educated." I work. I say no for SATI. And almost all principles these men stand FOR I am against. I am not saying this because now I am in America, I always said it even when I was in India.

Of course I am writing this in the wake of the "Mangalore Incident." Which struck close to home. G's roots, Mangalore. I was there 2006 December with family partying and pub-hopping. We went to at least 3 pubs/clubs there and had a very good time. G and I even mentioned to his cousin that Mangalore sure seems like a fun place...and then guess what happens in 2009. And do not forget to read the comments below...surely we have some brilliant men thinking very high of women wearing pants and kurti's or pants and tee's. Oh and also check out this video. Freaked the crap out of me!

The reason I am writing about this is more because of a few things I have endured living in Chennai and I wanted to write one down. I know that this is already a long post but bear with me.

In 1999, a friend and I were both driving from home to a friend's house in his Yamaha around 6 in the evening. Few cops trying to check everyone's driving license stopped us. We thought that they would check my friend B's credentials and let us go. So the minute B stopped his bike he pulled out the license, insurance and registration papers. The cops waves off and looks behind at me and asks me, give me your house phone number. I ask him why? He tells me that he needs it because he has to inform my parents that I am with a boy driving around after dark in a motor bike. WTH?!!!

I give him my home number and my dad's name and tell him that my parents know that I am out with a friend and that he can call them and check anytime they want. He is surprised but he takes B's license and lets us go asking B to pick it up after he verifies the information with my parents. Can you believe it? They were moral policing us! B!@#$%^&.

And if you want to know, yes they called and my parents were angry and B got his license back.

Isn't that annoying? Who is the cop to check with my parents about my whereabouts? If my parents want they should keep track of me, not the government. And I was fuming then for a few weeks. Now I wonder what would have gone through these girls minds? Whoever they are whatever they are and for whatever reason...what is Rama Sena's problem?

Did Lord Ram teach men to slap women? Did Lord Ram resort to violence with no rhyme or reason? What is wrong with these people? Using God's name for all wrong reasons. We are in 2009, wake up and smell the world, times have changed and we have to move on. For all the condemnation that the Taliban faced how far away from them are the Rama Sena? Are they all not following the same lines? One rule for men and one for women? I can go on and on and on and make it a longer blog...but I will stop here to see what input I get...

Peace out...

PS: I am not all for women's lib. I love my man to carry my grocery...but then I also like to be me...


Shilpa said...

Well written, and I understand ur anger and disgust. But you know what? The Rama these people know suspected Sita was impure and made her give Agnipariksha. So, I guess they have learnt well from their 'idol'!

P said...

There are countless more in India who think like that... may be on a mellower note... but they do. About 60 % of the common man does have that train of thought...subservient! Makes me sooo very angry!

Megha Bansal said...

Stupid bunch of idiots! I swear these jerks should be asked to apologize publically and the very girls they man handled should slap them!
it's shameful, where the thinking is going, and we're 'supposed' to be in the 21st century.
it could have been any one of us and that scares the living day lights outta me.

Anu, the Indian culture to me is the culture where we are taught to touch our elders feet, wear bindi, touch paper or person you accidentally touched with your feet and such. isn't that what it is and what we will hopefully pass on to our kids? that's what it is to me. because u are right, India is a BIG melting pot of very diverse beliefs and cultures :) Which i cherish a lot!

Ash said...

Tha main problem I have with the Mangalore incident is that no one - not one single soul stood up right there & then to defend the girls. Isn't that supposed to be part of our Indian culture - standing up for the downtrodden, the helpless.... it is supposed to be part of the warrior's 'dharma'!! Indian culture has taught all of us to respect our elders and to treat all men & women as equals. But politicians and the goondas who are responsible for acts like this are not worthy of anything except being treated like second-class citizens... and yet these are the people who we allow to represent us in Parliament... I don't know what the solution is but I'm going to do my best to never stay uninvolved in a situation like this for sure...

Anonymous said...

I am amazed and shocked to read about phone number incident.
I am thinking & thinking. Very shocking.
Amazing...I cant believe this.

Anu Russell said...

@ Shilpa Lol. I see your point...I guess these guys always find the loophole in everything...damn we never can win against them!

@ Poorva, It is sad isn't it that education has in no way helped these idiots? Or having an oppressed mom and a sister also has not helped these idiots...

@ Megha, Oh I so totally agree with you on both counts. I really wish they get slapped by those same girls in public on TV. The same reporters who were so keen on taking the video should also be slapped...should something like this happen to their sister would they be quiet? Jerks.

@ Ash, ya we always choose the easy choice...the one where we can do cowardly acts and hide behind religion. The other bravery stuff...nah we will leave it for er...who? No friggin guy wants to help! Jerks!

Yup @ Hobo...jerks. The cops in India cannot police the society to get rid of murder/extortion/gang wars/rapes/etc...but ya, they will police your personal life!