Monday, July 27, 2009

Sonu and others...

This weekend the entire family decided that it was time to enjoy some Desi music. I motivated few of our friends and off we all went to see Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan perform live in Dallas. And the best part apart from amazing music and entertainment is that the show actually started only a few minutes late.

The first time I ever went for a concert was Rockstars which started and hour and half late and then it was the Strings concert which was also equally late and then almost all other concerts (Other than AR Rehman) started late. Which made me and G loose faith in punctuality and we would just arrive there at whatever time and still be early for the show. How annoying. But Sonu & Co were a treat.

The show starters were good but when Sunidhi came it was brilliant. She is both beautiful and awesomely talented. She had all of us captivated. I was just slightly disappointed with her choice of songs but that is personal and has nothing to do with the quality.

Then of course Sonu sweetheart took us away with his angelic voice and smart alec quips. He was funny, spontaneous and a total entertainer. He connected with the audience more than SC did and he had people dancing. He blended slow songs with 'masti' songs so that no one felt the energy drain out while he showcased his talent.

Oh! then the disappointment...Hard Kaur. She was a bore. She really wasted 40 minutes of my lifetime...
  • Karoke (No offense to this style but I would rather enjoy it at my home listening to music off my stereo rather than paying $$$ to watch you bray)
  • She brayed
  • She sounded like a guy
  • She called screaming and yelling rapping
  • She was useless
  • Annoying
  • Non-stop
  • Would not shut up
  • Threw the F-Bomb in a crowd that had kids and families
But thankfully there was more of SC and SN and a duet from them. I was very upset that I could not hear more duet's from them and more of them and none of Hard Kaur...agh!

But on the whole, I felt that I got my money's worth. Good friends, family and a night out with music. What more can I ask for?



vimmuuu said...

Boohoooo !!! I always wanted to watch a Sonu concert !!!!

P said...

Awesome! we went to kailash kher's and it was so-so! the worst was the auditorium... the balcony was soooo steep that it ruined the show for a acrophobic like me!

PS: Hard Kaur??!! really... OMgosh... i just read it differently!! :D :D and for a moment didnt knw wat u were saying!! :P

Megha Bansal said...

So true about HK..hated her!
Loved SN and SC...I really had no clue he was so cool. I am so glad we went!
G is also not all is well :D

Anu Russell said...

@VV...aww...u shud go for one if u get a chance...he is good!

@P...ya HK of the ek gilasi and move your body (johnny Gaddar) fame...

@MB...G also did not complain but i think he was riding on high of having moved rows :)