Monday, July 13, 2009

oooohhhh Shadow...

Last night as usual I took Babs into the bedroom with a bottle full of milk and her favorite turtle. I turned the lights off so she could enjoy the stars on the ceiling and just left the nightlamp on. We sang twinkle twinkle and many other rhymes together before Babs almost dozed off on my shoulder. The turtle had turned off.

The nightlamp was casting a shadow of the table lamp on the ceiling and it looked like a big head of a dog (it really did). Babs woke up and asked me, "Amma, who this?"

"It is a shadow jaanu. Go back to sleep."


Then again she woke up and asked me, "Amma, what this?" Same response and she dozed off...

Once again she woke up and asked me, "Amma, ye kasa le?" in Konkani, same response and same reaction...

The once more..."Amma, shadow." And she clung to me. I got up and turned on a table lamp so that the shadow would go away and came back to bed.

Babs looks at me and tells, "Amma, shadow gone, ba, good girl, brave." To translate it, "Amma, the shadow has gone because I beat it (ba) and I am a good and brave girl."

So for the first time in my life I think I told someone, "Don't worry Babs, Amma is right here next to you and nothing will come to hurt you."

To which she said, "Good girl, Brave." Before she slept peacefully.

She did wake up around 3 and look up at the ceiling as her first reaction but G and I hid her vision to the dog like shadow.


On a completely un related note, I-phone 3Gs kicks any other copy cat's ass royally. There are phones and then there are i-phones...they are cool. I love the apps and love the way that it can excite me as much today as it did two weeks ago. All other phones I had kept me interested in them for exactly 24 hours, later they just became a phone, but I cannot say that about my I-Phone...please please get one...I strongly recommend it.

Honestly no offense to those who do not have it. I waited two years before I changed over because of lack of funds but I am glad that I made the switch.

Hate the 100+ degree evenings. Summer is annoying as much as winter is. Maybe I am just a fall person as spring has way too much allergies. Dang it. That gives me about 2-3 months of fun weather out of 12 months! Bah!

The level of comfort you feel for your own baby will never be the same when you hold someone else's. There is always the awkward feeling. I can never forget the way Babs just blended into me. I want that feeling back....wahhhhhhhhhhh

Everyone I know, those with or without kids advise me to have a second one. But me? I am not sure I can do it all over again and I am actually feeling terrible about it. Bad Anu Bad Anu.

Ok Thas enough of randomness for one post!



Anonymous said...

"The level of comfort you feel for your own baby will never be the same when you hold someone else's. There is always the awkward feeling."

Couldn't have agreed more :-)

P said...

next time you can make a deer shadow wit your hand to entertain her!! :P I remember keeping my cousin busy that way! made a shadow 'play' and it was like a bedtime story for him!!

vimmuuu said...

Didnt I already comment for this post??? How come its not here ??? :D :D :D

Anu Russell said...

@PT...i know. this weekend i was trying to hold my neice and i felt very awkward and also noticed that she was not comfy with me...but then noticed that her mom was holding her is only then it occurred to me...when it is not ur baby it does not feel as comfy as it did :)

@ PN...babs is not playing shadows...she is freaked out by the word...

@VV...i checked everywhere dude...cud not find it :(

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Being a single child in the long run is painful.....a second one is mostly for the first one:)