Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am so Clumsyyyyyyyyyyy

I drove my car upto the Toyota Service center. I had called earlier that morning to make an appointment to have the light showing up on my dashboard checked. My initial research after reading the manual informed me that my brake fluid was having issues and that I should have it inspected ASAP.

So there I was with a very serious face as if I need the most attention on planet earth mixed with a bit of, "I have read the manual so I know what I am talking about," face while I waited for my turn.

The guy walked up to in an equally "I know it all" expression, and that put me off. I know it too, you know. I had "Ye Dilli hai..." (Dilli 6) playing on the stereo and I put my head out and pointed to the dash and told him, "that light came on."

He snickered and I was like, "WTH?" in my mind of course.

"Ma'm, you can leave your car here and wait in the shade there. This should not take more than a minute."

"Really? I thought it would take more than that. My husband is on his way to pick me up. So what is wrong with the brake fluid?"

"Nothing. That is your tire pressure indicator."

"What? No way."

"Yes ma'm."

"Wait a minute, I read in the manual and it said that this was the brake fluid light."

"No ma'm. It cannot be."

I pull the manual out and quickly get to the page and point it out to him. He looks at me and then at the book and finally at the sign on the dash board.

I follow his eye for most part and then go, "oh!"

"You can leave your car here and either wait over there in the shade or use the waiting room. But this should only take a minute."

"I feel so stupid right now."

"Mistakes happen ma'm."


I step out of the car, still embarrassed and call G to tell him to go back as I got it all figured out. He could not stop laughing. I ask him not to tell anyone especially Sam, MB, and SD and he only nods his head. Now why would he miss this golden opportunity to make fun of me. So I decided to immortalize it in my blog :)

I am so clumsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I am so clumsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

And here is a tune to put to those two lines...Akon.


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Megha Bansal said...

hahaha!!! hahaha!!!!
How smart you are indeed!!! and you think just coz you blogged, so u're off the hook? hehehe..wait till i talk to SC and GS about this.

Lonely, you are so lonely...