Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pigeon Toes (Inward Feet)

I am a paranoid mom, for most part. Now which mom is not? I like to be on top of everything that is my daughter's and I do freak out fast when it comes to her. I noticed that Babs was walking funny since she was about 14 months. I waited for her to outgrow it but that never happened. She still walks funny. I say funny because it looks funny and other wise it freaked me out. Her toes point inward and it makes her a little clumsy when she runs or walks.

I contacted our pediatrician and then followed it up with an orthopedic visit. Both of which confirmed what I was thinking - Pigeon Toe. And after multiple reassurance from the orthopedic as well as from family and friends and all the web medical websites I decided that it was indeed normal.

But that did not make me feel better still. I wanted to know what are the chances Babs might have at sports, dance, modelling, etc. should she choose. How much of an inhibitence would this pigeon toeing cause for my daughter? So, once again I set googling...and guess what I found...

And the list goes on. For parents who fear that this might look odd. Well fear not. As odd as it looks this very feature of the leg being pigeon toed has made many famous soccer players and tennis players and if you do more research you can see that the in-toeing feature helps promote athletic abilities. As quoted by multiple websites if you try to search for pigeon toe.

Not that I want to force Babs into sports or into modelling or anything like that but what if she is destined to be so and she cannot do it because of this? So now I feel better that this will not be a hinderance to her.

And I chose to write this blog so that if anyone else is looking for information on this they can find all their assurances right here because it did take me a lot of browsing hours to get all this above listed websites.

You can definitely see what my favorite sport is...of course if you are following me...then you know what fascinates me the most when it comes to sports :)


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vimmuuu said...

Oh..I know a few of them who has it this way. Never knew it had a separate name 'cuz I found it quite normal and I still believe it is.