Monday, July 20, 2009

P-Tagged me...

And since I am a lazy ass, I delayed for the longest time before I responded to it. Sorry P for being so slow to respond to your tag. I wanted time to accumulate the 10 things that really annoy me, here goes whatever I have to say,

10 things that annoy me the most!

  • Backstabbers
  • People who are nice when they need something and a real B when they are done with you...what do you call them? Opportunitst? Ya them. Hate them.
  • People who are plain rude for no reason. At least you are not aware of any reason...
  • Oh and those who stay angry with you for more than 20 mins after you have apologized to them. G falls in this category and this by far is the most annoying quality he has...not even his undies on the bathroom floor irritate me as much as this!
  • Drama Queens
  • I do not like to be compared to others to my face. Do what you want behind me. But then backstabbers also annoy figure it out yourself if you want to be my friend!
  • People who claim not to (or never to have) judge others but then do it all the time annoy me. Live up to your word or do not go around spreading false words.
  • Those who lay the ground rules but never follow it.
  • I do not like people commenting on what I eat. I eat badly, as in I prefer carbs over everything and I am a sugar addict. So be it. I like that I am living my life even if I do not live till 80 with all diseases at least I enjoyed my short term life!
  • I have no patience for stupid people. Not the ignorant one's who are willing to learn but the plain useless stupid people.
You know I can write a separate list for people who annoy me when I became a mother. But will save that for another day!

Now to ease it out...I love people...

  • Who make my day
  • Who put a smile to my face
  • Who are there for me when I need them and at all other times. Just like I am there for them.
  • Who understand me for who I am and make allowance for me for the ways I annoy them just like I would do to them even if they did a few of the things listed above. That's what friends are for, correct?
  • Who back me up when I need it most.
  • Who stop me from making mistakes
  • Who sit through watching a Tamil/Telugu movie with me just for the sake of company
  • Who can keep secrets and share theirs with me
  • Who are my friends
  • And who's very existence make this world a better place for me.
Thank you all...

And I tag:

And all others who are in a mood to take up the tag...please do not hessitate and do not feel bad that I did not mention your name in particular.



vimmuuu said...

LOL, this is going to be my first tag in the new place. Thanks !!

Annoy list
1. I love when someone speaks behind my back. I mean, its like someones speaking about me, na? LOL. Its better than not to be speak about at all. LOL.

4. Yeah, this is really annoying.

5. Heyy, I became a drama queen with all my exit and entry into blogging. You mean that or the ones who speak senti stuffs all the time???

Love list
I second all of them

Anu Russell said...

yay!!! So let me see what you write in ur tag...and find ways to get on your nerves!!!

I agree...but if someone speaks about me for a good reason i will be glad...but if you have something to diss about...say it to my face...and I will call you a B or whatever...

Ya you are a DQ! But I will let it pass!

P said...

I was wondering when you were going to get on it. :)
Aah... backstabbers are on my list too! and i simply cannot understand opportunists!

Sum said...

Hey... this is a good one.... I'd love to take it up,... i got a chance to articulate the annoyances :P
Will do it in some time..... And BTW, some of your annoyance list coincide with mine :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anu,

thanks for tagging me! Have finished it off (finally!).. But I have to see it was a really great thing to write about!