Monday, June 18, 2007

This weekend was fun! I got loads of stuff done and had fun doing some of the things too...

Friday night was our date with AR Rehman and his group who are now touring the United States. I got home and changed into a white salwar (we were asked to wear white to show respect to the ambassador of peace-Rehman) and drove out to Garland's Special Events Center where we met with the rest of the gang. We were pleasantly surprised as the show started off on-time. This has never ever happened at any of the Indian shows I have been to.

Things I liked:
  1. Liked Hariharan
  2. The choice of Tamil songs were brilliant. And thanks for playing 4 Sivaji songs
  3. Starting on-time
  4. Chitra
  5. Vijay Yesudas

Things I wish were done better:
  1. Choose an auditorium that is meant for musical performances and not an indoor sports stadium.
  2. Better audio
  3. Introducing the singers might help as we did not know the names of most of the performers
  4. Not sing like 4 songs from Guru and that too repeat the song two times.
  5. The background dance was boring and unnecessary
  6. The singers/performers did not connect with the audience at all. There was no audience involvement in the show. In south India you have orchestra's that play at weddings...they come, sing, and leave...this felt a little or a lot like that.
I know that these guys are tired as they have been doing this for like that 10th time or something but we also payed full fare for it and we deserve to get the best too. So sorry the show was just average and could have been better.

Anyhoo, Friday followed by Saturday saw me and Girish shop a bit during the day and in the evening we headed out to Irving so that I could join my friends to watch Sivaji while Girish hung out with Shahid. And boy did I enjoy Sivaji, the ambiance, the Super Star, the fun...It was good and it was not a bad decision for me to go alone. I enjoyed the movie without hearing any snickers or rotten comments about Rajini. If you are a Rajini fan then you must see the movie is worth it!

So there was my busy Friday and Saturday while Sunday turned out to be a more relaxed and chilled out day with a little shopping and hanging out with friends and a small jamming session in our house in the evening. Ya my weekend was really fun and chilled out.

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