Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Periyar (2007) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Sathyaraj, Kusboo, Jyothirmayi
Director: Gnanarajasekaran
Music: Vidyasagar

The movie is a biography on the life of Dravida Kazhagam's founder and leader E V Ramaswamy (Naicker) aka Periyar and his impact on India we have today.

Sathyaraj has acted as a villain, a hero, a comedian, and a few serious roles but this one surely stands apart as he dons the role of Periyar. When you look at him you think you are looking at the real Periyar. The makeup, body language and his acting skills convince you so.

Periyar fought to banish caste system in India. He worked hard and joined politics hoping it will help eradicate the main problem that dominated (and continues to dominate) India. But all his hopes were turned down when he realized that most politicians enjoyed the privileges that caste system provided them with.

Disheartened he started his own political party in South called DK and began his own political propaganda against caste system. He was the first to fight for reservation for the lower caste people. He disowned his religion and got rid of his caste name which was a part of his name and had many others do so too.

On the whole he was a very powerful and moving person with a independent reasoning that thought for the benefit of others in the society. A selfless person who lived and died never holding or competing for any political power...

A brilliant chronicle of his life and a must watch. It will surely make you learn a few things about your country that you did not know before. The music is suited to the era and has powerful messages in them.

Notes: Caste has always been an issue in India. By fighting and providing reservation did we really eradicate the caste issues?


Ramu's Corner said...

A brilliant attempt from the Director & Sathyaraj! I remember reading abt Periyar only in some Tamil text books in School. As you have said, Got to Know much abt his life experiences & abt the Country from the movie. At least once in a while watching films like Barathi, Periyar, Kamarajar makes us feel proud to be a Tamilian..
You should have wrote a word about the director for his efforts na?

Anonymous said...

Periyar focussed only on the positive aspects of the man.

Had to since the flm was funded by the govt.

The blogger anu cannot be expected to know anything of the man & hence this review.