Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It is twenty-two weeks today (June 12, 2007). I am becoming visibly stomach juts out of most of my clothing unless I can hide it smartly. I gaining weight by the day (my doctor is not very happy about it) and eating a lot more than I ever did. But none of this matters as I am learning more and more about the whole baby thing.

I still cannot believe that the little movements inside my stomach is really a live human being in the making. It is inside a workshop where it is getting designed and fabricated as I type this. I cannot tell you how expectant I am to see the darling...all this is so magical and maybe this is what God is all about...Creation...and being a part of it makes me feel special too.

I hurt my left feet last week and now I am unable to do my regular excercise of walking and have been lazing around the house a bit too much. At the same time I am trying to get things organized for the baby. This week I hope to have the baby registry started and also decide on what kind of crib and bedroom furniture we want to buy.

The whole process is way too taxing only because of the wide choices we need to me there are way more options that what I really want. There are like 30 types of strollers, 40 types of cribs...the general way I like to choose things are by cost but then all of them are in similar price range BITE ME! I am confused and sometimes feel too much under pressure. While all the baby-product companies are trying to reduce the pressure on the mom by providing her choices, they are actually doing the opposite....

Anyways...I saw this cute picture of how the baby might be looking at this time and I am so amazed how much he/she has grown in the last few months! Girish also felt the baby move/kick two nights ago for the first time. He was so excited...unfortunately everytime he puts his hand on my tummy the darling stops to move...he feels so bad and gives up after holding his hand still for 10 mins. I guess somethings are only for mom's pleasure just as somethings will be only for mom's displeasure in the future ;)

Signing off now but will write back more things soon and will also get a pic of my sonogram on here...



Seashells said...

Awww... Even if i turned a blind eye, i could feel your love oozing for the little darling :)

Luv2cook said...

Yo Anu need to put up ur picture so we can see you pregnant :)

Incase you haven't seen this already

Anu Russell said...

hey shank! Thanks :)

Luv...It was so nice...thanks for sharing :)