Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Recap

This year I have been slow about everything. I will blame it on the drive, once again. I barely find time to do anything else. Even spend time with the family is now going on, on the basis of appointment system. In between all this chaos, I am trying to work in some work out and that is going nowhere either. But then, I will not complain, 2012 was full of surprises. I have changed jobs, learning a lot and my daughter turned 5 and life goes on...And here is a recap like I have been doing all the previous years:

January 2012: We started off partying and welcoming 2012 in San Francisco with family and close friends. A trip to the Golden Gate on the perfectly clear and sunny day was very welcome and ending it at a coffee shop watching the waves hit the rocks was perfect.

In an attempt to loose some weight, I went for an early morning boot-camp, and in the process of doing something I am normally not capable of I tore my LCL. I think my body warned me but I did not listen to it.

February: India beckoned and we went away for a month. There was a wedding filled with his family and then small trips to Goa, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai completed the rest of the trip which went into March. I thought I was getting off the brace and almost stopped using it until I realized that I had not healed yet towards the end of the trip. Came back with a swollen knee...too much fun is also not good sometimes...I guess...

March: We got back in time to celebrate my birthday and then a family trip to Houston where we went to Brazos Bend State Park and spent time with the Aligators...Also March saw me switching over from Iphone to Samsung and buying my favorite toy an Ipad to replace the void of not owning an Apple product. Oh and BTW turned a year older.

April: Was in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm, sitting and waiting it out in the stair case while tornadoes went past us...and it was also the time when I got re-addicted to my Korean Dramas! Oh and there was also the trip to Austin with family living on the lake for three days and lazing away supremely.

May: The big change. Took a break from work. It was relaxing, therapeutic and could not have come at a better time...summer! Babs and I got to spend so much time together doing new things. I knew that this break was short lived and tried to pack as many things into it as possible.

June: One of the worst months in the year but a lesson learnt. Kids deal with adversities way better than adults...Babs broke her hand while doing a harmless jump from a harmless place in a harmless mall play area...I cried. I freaked out. She said she did not care and went on with life. I panicked. I created scene!

July: I do not remember anything fun. All I can think of is trying to keep Babs with a broken arm busy and making up things to do with a child with one hand in a cast.

August: I worked through July and August at this interior design firm. It was one of the best experiences I will carry with me.

September: A trip to the family before I started my new driving job...brothers and parents and all the kids under one roof. It was chaotic but so much fun like only family can be. And more Korean was being learnt in the household. I started my 100 mile a day drive this month!

October: Parents came! Babs birthday! Hubs birthday! It was all so fun and so busy. October sets off the busy time of the year with every weekend all the way to the end of the year being booked. We also squeezed in a Cowboys game among everything. A first time visit to the amazing Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.

November: We went to a Kansas State Home game. Thanks to our K-State friends. It was the best game experience ever! It even trumped the Cowboys game. Being with fellow K-staters, screaming and cheering for your team cannot be compared to sitting and sulking at the Cowboys game. Plus we won! what a night. Thanks M and V. November also marked the last time G's bro and family would drive up to visit us. They moved out of the country to a funner place but that only made all of us super sadder!

December: There were parties to go to. Gifts to buy and wrap. Games to be played. Plum cake to be consumed. Cakes and cookies of different size and shape to be made and eaten. New coffee shops (Korean of course) to be explored. The winter snow on Christmas Day was priceless. No wonder that it is the most wonderful time of the year.

And that brings us to now...a year during which I hope to blog more. Write more. Spend time with my friends more. And keep in touch with all family as much as I can. I have to stop complaining and start living!

Love and Enjoy


Meoww said...

Good idea on recaping the year! I will do it too :)

Anu Russell said...

I do this every year...if not for anyone else at least my daughter will know what we did :P