Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So five years did not change India much. The roads are wider but are filled with more cars than it can handle. People are still there everywhere in your face and have no problem getting into your business. Clothes, sewing, spa stuff are super cheap and affordable still. Yet, Rs.1000/- leaves your hand like you spend $3 in the States. But at the heart of it all, it is the same old India.

I came here freaking out that I might have a problem adjusting because I have changed, my lifestyle has changed but boy was I wrong. It took me all of 5 minutes before I started avoiding eye contact and figuring a way to avoid the crowds. I enjoyed riding the cab and ever ready to enjoy the food. Using the bathroom that has no tub and just being who I always was. I now instinctively wash my feet before sleeping and do the same for Babs. I ignore the urge to pee if I outside and hold it even if I have to for 8 hours. I can move out of India but India is still inside me and manifests every time I am back home.

The whole idea of vacation makes me feel like an outsider looking and judging India for what it is. I am constantly analyzing if I will fit in should I move back. I am afraid that I will be one of those despicable NRI's who spoil it for the rest of us...

And then my daughter comes running to me after playing in the park with the new friends she had made that day and tells me. "Amma, I am Indian too. I like India and don't want to go back to US." I reminded her, that she will have to go to school in India also. She thought for a second and then reassured me, "Does not matter. I made 4 friends in 2 days, I like that." And that sealed it for me too. My daughter with all her playfulness pointed out to me the best part of India, it is easy to make friends when you go to play in the public park.

So yes, India has not changed at all and fortunately for me, I have not either :)


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