Thursday, February 02, 2012

Baby can walk!

With outstretched hands G stands at one end of the living room as she waddles towards him. Both of them grinning ear to ear. It is a first! yay! Baby can walk! Awesome!!!!!!!

That baby is me! I am now able to walk short distances without limping. Of course the limp comes back once the knee does a warning jerk, tightness or a shot of pain. The point is I can walk.

And it was funny when I walked out of the room, looked at G and told him, "Stand across the room and see me." G could not stop laughing. The comedian in him took over and he immediately acted like I was the 11 month old Babs trying to walk to him. He kept moving behind as I neared him and we were near tearing.

An almost walking ART


LifeIsCool said...

rofl..this is hilarious...anu can walkkk...yayyyy hahaha sorry anu! not something i shud be laughing about..

Anu Russell said...

Seriously! It was funny and hilarious! How sad would life be we forget to laugh about ourselves