Thursday, January 26, 2012

Em-Brace it!

Most of the time when someone gets hurt they always have a good story, or at least a story. Well, I am obviously different. I have hurt my knee really bad, for the first time in my life, and I do not know how or when it happened. I am in pain, unable to walk and still no story. I rake through my brain, and nope, none. I twisted it and have no recollection of when! Well, that is taking being Clumsy to a new height...a "forgetful clumsy."

The only background I can see to the story is that I went for a boot camp on Friday, but that was two days before the pain started. Maybe I had strained some ligament after the boot camp and when I jumped out of our very high bed I twisted it. But again, no real solid story, just a surmise because Saturday and Sunday I was perfectly fine with the normal post-boot camp thigh pain which is painful but fun (you know it!).

At the end of it, I am sitting with a possible LCL tear (hopefully that is what this is) and a prayer hoping that it wont get any more complicated. I am wearing a brace, taking thrice as much time to get chores done, getting no chores done, feeling super sorry for myself and crying at random things (yes I am super emo like that), expecting my 4 year old to take care of me (yep, dependent too), limping, screaming while trying to make turns, unable to sleep comfortably, icing the swelling....and more...I can go on but I am going to stop before everyone starts hating a me, the cribber...but you get the point, one torn knee and life goes downward.

Anyways, I took Babs to Beauty & Beast on Sunday and she loved it!



Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

first of all, plz take care of ur health...hmmm knee.
As for ur post- positivity reflected in the situation- actually embracing it:)

Megha Bansal said...

It sucks when you don't know the cause. You will soon, feel better. Rest up till then!
You didn't tell me about BnTB and I shall chat you up about it.

Sum said...

Ohhhhoooo..... Take care... and get well soon.... I know how it feels when sick and unable to do what you want to.... You'll be alright soon...

P said...

Here is what I think caused your knee pain... it possibly was your boot camp, and the reason I think, you didnt feel it right away is because your brain was concentrating on the thigh pain which was far worse than the knee pain (or so it seems from your post), that is how the brain works apparently! After I finished the half marathon (without any prior training) I was limping in terrible thigh pain for 2 days after it subsided, my 'lesser in pain' knee started sending signals to my brain and I then felt it for the first time!
I have knee ligament sensitivity due to over training (for the same stupid marathon), and have learned the hard way to be very careful with myself! take care your knee, hope u feel better soon!
PS- its ok not to post this, I was feeling too lazy to open gmail and type!

Anu Russell said...

Hey Elvira, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for showing me that there is something positive in this whole situation. Appreciate it :)

Anu Russell said...


Totally...but now I think I have sort of figured out the cause, similar to what P says below...It right now sucks that I cannot shop or do anything at all fast enough...hopefully that will change soon.

Anu Russell said...

Thank you sum! On the way to recovery (hopefully)

Anu Russell said...


I totally agree, my thigh pain was making me take help to stand maybe it was a combi of both that made me struggle!

When I am on the mend, I am trying to push speedy recovery and my body is not agreeing with me!