Friday, April 20, 2012


Of course I love watching Asian soaps. By that I am strictly excluding anything Indian. I love Indian TV shows but just not their soaps. They are too dramatic, a million episodes long, and nothing really happens, if you watch only one show in a year you can still catch up in fifteen minutes. On the other hand try watching any Asian soap, like stuff that come from KBS in Korea. They are short, sweet, fresh and most of them are shot like movies and are very interesting.

I had already declared my love to Asian TV long ago here. And I am happy that it has not been a one time thing, I am in love. I am in love with everything Korean. I can watch their drama after drama, and fall in love with it all over again.

So right now my most favorite is the show which is available on Netflix called "Lie to Me." It has Kang Ji Hwan (hero) and Eun Yoon Hye (heroine). The hero is a rich hotelier and the girl a smart civil servant. Fate makes them cross paths and is soooo cute and romantic...phew...totally in love. Happy things on TV makes me happy.

Now, I can recognize Korean actors. I love Eun Yoon Hye. I have seen three shows of hers so far and all three of them are spectacular. My other favorite Korean show is "First Shop of Coffee Prince." And I really think Kang Ji Hwan is super handsome, especially when he smiles.

If you think the language sounds funny, try watching it in mute or low volume till you get used to it. I can now understand like about 15-20 words in Korean and the vocabulary is building. Either it is mid life crisis or I really am nuts but I want to learn Korean...hmm... strictly South Korean :)

Annyeonghi Gyeseyo (Bye bye)

Love (sarang)


Megha Bansal said...

You got me hooked and you know that. Loved Lie to me and Coffee house. LOVE KJH, he's soooo adorable when he smiles.
Which shows of Eun Yoon Hye have you seen other than this and Coffee prince?

Meoww said...

I really need to buck up my Korean :( Maybe soaps will help? Iris is supposedly good. (Iris 2 is running now.) But without English subtitles, i can figure out only a few words...

Anu Russell said...

I will see if I can find Iris on netflix...can you hook on to Netflix? that is where I get most of my KD's or from Hulu.

I love languages and korean is so much fun!!!