Monday, April 09, 2012

Illegal Parking

I am one of them. The ones that cannot relax when they do something wrong. I am the kind that is not meant for living on the edge. If the door to a park says, "shuts at sundown," then I am out at sundown. I will not park if some place says "No Parking," I will never drive more than 5 over speed limit (which is why G always does the long distance) and so on. Then I I stuck up?

The time we were in Mumbai going around the city late in the night, I bugged G and his cousins about the safety of doing what we were doing. I wanted to enjoy but I was constantly on the edge. But that is me, I always wish I had, in retrospect...

The same happened this Sunday, on such a small scale that I was on the verge of legging it. I was to take my daughter to an Egg hunt. I bungled and missed the egg hunt itself but made it there to meet my friends. I had to park illegally on the street to take my daughter to meet my friends. I freaked out. I kept repeatedly asking my friends if it was OK, if my car would be there when I got back, etc. I was flitting and did not want to converse much, my mind was on the car. I bugged my friends so much so that we left the park in 10 minutes. I was so glad to find my car still there along with the 30 others who had illegally parked. In hind sight I wish I had spent more time with my friends and their kids but at that time nothing else mattered. Wonder why I am this (rhetoric, does not need an evaluation!)!

Also, of course, I mismanaged time and miscalculated distance and gave a wrong address to the GPS and go to the place 15 minutes too late...and my daughter had to miss her Egg Hunt...but all was well when she got to play with her best friend A for almost an hour or more.



Megha Bansal said...

I am like that too..and I know why. It's because my parents are sticklers for rules and I married a man who does everything by the book. Far be it from me to not follow them - in most cases anyways ;)

So are you being nice to me and saying you put the wrong address, as opposed to me sending you the wrong one?

Megha Bansal said...

Just noticed blogger added 'email follow up comments' yay!!!

Anu Russell said...

your comments make me crack up!!!

I am really hoping that the navigator screwed up and want to give you the benefit of doubt :)