Friday, April 20, 2012

Missing Goa

The drive to work after dropping Babs was visually spectacular. There is a stretch between work and Preston Rd, that looks so green that I always tend to forget I am in Dallas. With the grey sky looming large everything slightly green also looked enhanced as if someone had played with Photoshop on nature. And then I missed Goa. I thought about all things I did in the 4 days at Goa. I felt that this weather would be perfect if it were in Goa, on the beach side, sipping a freshly squeezed OJ and relaxing in a beach hut. Aahhhh.....The beauty of the place has captivated me. I want to go back when I go to India next time. Can you believe it? It was my first ever time in Goa and that happened when I was 33. Gosh I wasted 22 years in India not visiting Goa.

And while talking about Goa how can I forget to mention Vivanta by Taj? We spent 4 beautiful days in the hotel that catered to everything we asked for. They gave us a spectacular suite because there was some misunderstanding, they gave us everything we asked for. The breakfast was amazing and even had Babs eating to her fill each day. The rooms were amazing, the pool was great, the kids were kept busy and the mini bar was spectacularly cheap. Mineral water was free and they packed us a free picnic and gave us beach towels when we went to the beach. Our room service guy, Prem, even folded all our clothes and organized our closet because we had left him a tip. And wait...there is more...another Prem and his colleague who waited on us at dinner gave us free appetizers and desserts because they felt we were like friends. They made sure that I got a crocin when I asked for it and that there was warm milk for Babs that they did not charge for every night. G reminds me each time, "no wonder you enjoyed Goa so much," because I got pampered and the day we left it was like a reality check for me. Everyone who had helped us in our four day stay came to wish us goodbye at the door. What more can we ask for?

Vivanta by Taj at Panjim, you rock...and Goa...I love you!



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