Monday, April 02, 2012


On Friday last week, I was at my Ortho-recommended Physical Therapy session. I thought that they would make me move the earth with my left knee and went dressed in gym appropriate clothes. Of course I got disappointed. The therapist taught me how to lift my knee. I am not kidding...I learnt to do exercise like a 4 year old, lifting my left leg and my knee slowly and back or doing a knee squeeze. I gave the therapist my "Are you bloody kidding me" face and she patiently replied to me, "if you don't get your strength you cannot walk normally." I was put in place and now I embarrassingly do my daily 10 minute workout (hehehe) and G sits and holds himself from ROFLing.

This is really annoying me because I need to workout to keep my weight in check, I hate dieting so that is not an option. I have not worked out in almost 3 whole months. I feel like I am the kid who wants to start studying for the exam right after the power cut. I want to run when I cannot even walk normally without my brace! And of course the therapist strongly suggested that I quit running and even going for walks moderately for a while. How sad is that?

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Megha Bansal said...

I think you're like the kid who wants to study while the power is out :P
For once listen to the good Dr? Soon you'll be running me to the ground..I am sure.

Sum said...

Oops... take good care and get well soon, Anu! I have gone through similar situaion, so can completly undersand how you feel... Take care and just listen tot he doc's advice!

Anu Russell said...

Ok ok...I will listen to doc :) It is diff but i will...hehehe :)