Friday, January 25, 2008

Ching Chong Chang...

I was home on maternity leave for 7 weeks. I was tired most of the time but then when the baby slept I had nothing much to do. As y'all know that TV programs during day time suck as they are filled with soaps or judge TV or Jerry Springer kind of shows...which is when I got addicted to IATV. I saw all the interesting programs on that channel and some of them are Desi programs...the ones I love the most are:

Showbiz India: A program on all the latest news in Bollywood
Asian Variety Show: Same as above
Pulse: They play some nice songs requested by viewers as well as cover some Desi happenings in and around the country.
Cricket Today: An ICC program that shows what is happening in the cricket world.
My India: That takes you around India.
Princess Hours: A Korean Soap on a prince who marries a princess at a very young age and their relationships...(Korean with English Subtitles)
It Started with a Kiss: A Taiwanese chick flick program on a girl who falls in love with a boy who completely ignores her only to fall in love with her at the end...(Taiwanese with English Subtitles)
Tiramisu: A Singaporean program on the lives of a few people who work in a restaurant. (In English)
Koffee with Karan: Self explanatory I guess...a talk show hosted by K.Jo.

If any of you find time do tune in to IATV to catch these shows...they are actually good and fun to watch! Let me know what you think...

IATV is a free channel on Comcast/Time Warner is right below Zee and Asia TV and above AZN another Asian channel which shows Indian movies and other Indian programs too.


Trevor Penn said...

Great win for the Wildcats. Beat the Jayhawks at home for the first time in 24 years!!!


Anu Russell said...

not bad you followed it in india!!! Thanks

Cats always rock!

Trevor Penn said...

hehehe... hoops fanatic i am. :)

Anu Russell said...

Saw the MAVS Celtics game? I was soooo hoping they wud win...dang them!