Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Guessed it Right!

October stumps me. Every year it ends up being the most busiest of months for me. I have to schedule two parties and attend various other fun events that have been planned months ahead. There are a minimum of three birthday's to celebrate among celebrating Diwali, Navrathri, Halloween and other stuff. Unfortunately there are only four weekends and only so much time to get everything done.

Each year I tell myself that I am going to get organized but it turns up like my new year resolution, only heard  of and never to happen. This year after so many plans and ideas we scheduled Babs birthday at a Gymnastics place four days before her birthday not because we wanted it then but because that was the only day available. Unfortunately that only gave me two weeks to prepare...and you might think two weeks is a lot of time but it is not if you are driving 100miles per day for work and crash at 8.30 every night to wake up early the next day. I barely spend time at home or with family. Life has changed...

To make things interesting I push things to the end. I waited till the last minute and thank God my parents surprised me with a visit and helped me take care of things. The big day came, Babs had a blast and so did most of her friends. She was pretend Simba for a few minutes and that made her day. She also got tons of clothes from us that morning, a surprise, and she was excited beyond words. Phew!

That is the beauty of these things. Somehow these things wonder how but it always does. I ran around so much that day that I barely remember sitting down but the look on Babs face made it all worthwhile.

A friend of mine remarked..."now we can say our kids are grown up, there is no running around or screaming and yelling at pizza time." That was the only time I stopped by to check and see what was happening around me, during the rest of the party, I was a headless chicken.

On the day of the party...she dressed up in her Indian dress, wore bangles and helped me carry her photo board to her school. Mom accompanied us and she had a blast showing off her new clothes, jewelry, and her photo board. It was a quick effort because I had completely forgotten about doing it but it worked out well as it was one of those, "less work more pretty" efforts.

Phew! daughter is 5, and her teacher warned me that soon they will turn 16. I freaked out...I already feel that Babs is 5 going on 16...and boy I do not know what I would do with her if she was really 16...

Loving, Tired 
Amma :)

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