Thursday, February 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Once again the scene is me cooling down on the bicycle in my gym. I am tired, bored, and totally unfocused just like my thoughts. Random thoughts led to random thoughts which led to further random thoughts and I started laughing out loud much to my embarrassment!

Anyway...The thought was about the day my best friend and I got hit by her mother. For privacy of my best friend let me call her D. D got a call from her then boy friend who wanted to meet her at the ice cream shop adjacent to her apartment in Besant Nagar. I was staying with D at the time as it was a weekend and we spent our weekends together. D and I ran down in ten minutes dressed and looking nice... This would not have made her mom raise eyebrows on a usual day...But it was past 10.00pm and her mother thought it was funny that we wanted ice cream so late in the evening.

Unaware of aunty's suspicion both of were 'putting kadalai' with her boyfriend R and his friend. It was fun for like ten minutes until aunty walked in, bought a toothpaste in the neighboring medical shop and gave us dirty looks and went. D and I took it easy and spent ten more minutes before walking away sadly sitting eating our icecream.

Not expecting anything to happen we knocked on the door...D's mom opened the door and a tight slap landed on D's face. I was shocked. I kept my mouth shut and waited patiently for the tirade between D and her mom to get over. D a smart girl, told her mom that meeting our friends (remember D's mom does not know about D's boyfriend) was accidental and that she should not get angry if we suddenly met someone and said a causal hi or hello. D's mom was smarter and did not buy the story and gave her one more tight slap...

I have seen too many Tamil movies and I had to be the good friend as I could not see D getting more slaps...I gave aunty a dialogue..."en friend mela kai vetkara vela ellam vetchikadhinga" (loosely translated: don't you dare beat my friend)...and bang came the reply..."I will beat your friend and I will beat you also...Now let me go and call your mother..."

Panicking I ran and caught aunty just before she started dialing the number and told her politely, "please beat D some more if you want but don't call my mother and all..." and when I turned to look at D she mouthed "Drogi" (traitor) and three of us broke out laughing loudly. While we finished the rest of our ice cream D's mom briefed us our rules if we wanted to stay at her home. What was more funny to us was that we had broken almost everyone of them!!!


Seashells said...

Funny stuff... Moms will always be one-up on kids... ALWAYS !!!

Anu Russell said...

Ya, the sad part is we have been beaten by her mom before and we never learnt did we?!