Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anand (2004) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Raja, Kamilini Mukherjee, Sathya, Anish Kuruvilla
Director: Sekhar Kammula
Music: K. M. Radhakrishnan

I like such feel good movies. You know the ending right from the beginning but you still watch it so that you can enjoy the sweet feeling in the end. Yes...It is one of those love stories that you have seen time and again presented to you with new protagonists in a new setting.

Roopa looses her family at a very young age in a car accident and struggles alone to make it in life. She takes the help of her grandmother living next door but stays alone in the same house where she lived with her parents.

She is engaged to marry Rahul her co-worker at office. Her decision for accepting the marriage was very practical. Rahul was rich, he liked her and she hoped that he would take care of her. She wanted security that she had never had in life after her parents passed away. Rahul on the other hand is ruled by his mothers whims and fancies. He is spineless and moments before the wedding he takes sides with his mother against Roopa. Roopa annoyed walks out of the hall.

Enter Anand, the son of the person who had killed Roopa's parents in the accident. Anand's father had lost his senses from the night of the accident and was at Hyderabad to witness Roopa's wedding and give her blessings. Anand overhears everything that happened between Roopa and her Fiance and decides that he is going to win her hand and help her.

Anand moves into the portion next to Roopa's and starts wooing her. Anand who is a multi-millionaire rich kid suffers through everything just to make Roopa fall in love with him. Small fights, big fights and then the climax...Do you have any doubt what is going to happen next? If you do...Then you have really not seen many Indian movies...

The music is pleasing, the acting is very convincing, the story is very comforting, relaxing, and entertaining. Hero Anand is very handsome and acts well too. He has a boyish charm at times and looks really mature at other times. Heroine Kamalini has also acted very well smiling through the movie, sometimes her eyes gave me scares though. Sathya as Roopa's best friend Anita steals the show in the movie with her smart ass comments bringing most of the lighter moments in the movie.

Like any romantic story this is really enjoyable to watch. The movie is for family viewing and thank God there is no violence in the movie.


wiredbeats said...

Everyone at Hyderabad says Hi to you! BTW, asin in Gajini looked way too young to be a heroine. I have been traking some golt films and the recent one was 'style'. Lawrence is talented i must say. VV should be ok unlike earlier Kamal's damp squibs like Mumbai express. Guess he is collecting cash to revive Maruthanayakam

wiredbeats said...

I am Tam in golt-land! Asin has been 19 eversince she started 'acting'. She is cute but is that her real voice in movies, cuz i thot she was a mallu. The golt version of kakka kakka was a major hit becus if her.

last heard marudhanayakam was 30% shot. R u waiting for Shivaji - the boss?

Kasi Alagappan said...

Anand could have a deserved a better rating from Chennai Talkies, mebbe a 4.5 as I see Dishyum could even get that. I too find Anand refreshing as like its tagline " Okka Manchi Coffee laanti Cinema"..
Btw,Shekhar kammula's next movie Godavari (with Kamlini and Sumanth)is also quite good. These new genre directors of tollywood are doing a good job, away from the regular chores of 'Mass', Faction, fight on water'dam, Tata-Sumo-chase, Masala stuff..
Another good movie to this new unconventional genre is Anukkokonda Oka Roju.

Anu Russell said...

Anand is a great movie. I loved every bit of it and more so because of Raja ;)

But I still think the story is nothing new but old rehashed stylishly. Also it was fresh so I gave it a 4 and not 4.5 or 5...

But ya maybe Dishyum could get a 4.5...I really thought the approach to the story was very novel!

Kasi Alagappan said...

Ya Raja was cute in Anand but it was Kamlini who stealed the show. And I feel the other male lead (Roopa's ex boy friend in the movie, donno his name) too did justice to his role, where he is torn in b/w his mom and Roopa.