Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And Here it is!

My review for Slumdog Millionaire. G and I got to make it to the movie finally on Sunday night after I had been through almost 8 hours of cleaning. SV stopped by to help me organize my closets, I suck at it and she saw that I desperately needed help and came by. Thank you, now they look so beautiful that I do not even feel like distrubing things around.

I have a bit more stuff to take care of in the next two days and hope the house is spic and span before Thanksgiving. I am going to have a house full of people.

We also got to see Dostana last week and G and I also saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno (loads of nudity, funny movie, ends like a chick flick but ends fast). We did catch up on our movie watching schedule over the week and weekend. We also got to watch all episodes of Dirty Sexy monday (7 of them), Entourage (3 of them), Gossip Girl (5 of them, 2 more to go), all Monday and Thursday night comedy that were sitting and occupying our DVR hard disk. We rarely cooked and ate out most of our meals. It was fun. This was one week that I will never forget and I have to thank my in-laws and G's bro and his family for this. The perfect gift that any parents will ask for.

Can you believe it? I shredded two and half bags of documents that were collected over the last 6+ months and I am afraid that my shredder will be of no use soon.

As much fun as I had, I am also tired. Tired of sleeping late and waking up early, tired of cleaning (still have the bathrooms to do) and tired of watching movies and TV...

Come long weekend I might actually get home cooked food and some Baboo time too :)


Shilpa said...

Nice! Have been wanting to watch the movie but it is too far away from where we stay. Goodluck with the thanksgiving preperations!

Trevor Penn said...

Happy thanksgiving, ARTie. It's that time of the year when i miss being there the most.

Anu Russell said...


It is worth the effort...trust me...or at least get the DVD

I hear you...from now till 4th of Jan next year...FUN TIMES!!!

remabh said...

your blog kinda inspired me to start one ;)... I like your writing. Seems like u have a good thanksgiving..