Tuesday, November 04, 2008

When Anu starts studying there will be a power cut - Murphy's Law for Anu

That is the story of my life. When I was in school I remember that on the days before exams I would waste time reading novels, talking on the phone, going for walks, playing with my dog, basically do everything but study. Then finally as the time got closer to getting dark, I would seriously open my books and sit down in my study room and start with a pencil over my ears and something to munch on, on the side. I would make silly rules like I will eat one serving of mixture if I finish one page among other silliness...

The mood is now set in, because the fear has set in. I am all ready to tackle the few knowns and the many unknowns...and then Chennai Electricity Board (CEB) decides to play with my life, er, exams. Magically the lights will turn off, the fans will stop running, no power. The entire neighborhood will walk out to their porticos and we will sit gossiping. This was the typical time for families to chill.

But then our heroine aka ME will be freaking out. There will be a couple of kids who would be smart alecs and would tell my mom, "I have to do third revision aunty, other than that I am ready." The my mom will look at me, and I would tell her, "I have to start reading amma." And the glare I would get back from her would summarize what she meant to tell, "Look at that girl and look at yourself, shame on you."

Why am I writing it now? Certainly not to make a joke of my then sorry plight but to draw an analogy. I moved to Dallas in 2004 and started working here. I had every opportunity to write my IDP exams and my exams for Leed...but what did I do? Party, party and more party. Now all of a sudden I want to prepare for the exams and guess what happens? Yup the power goes off, yet again, just in a different way, in that I am dealing with more responsibility in life.

I sit back and think, well, I cannot obviously blame Baboo, because I am now well aware that what I did not do before Baboo would not be done now and I should not blame her for my laziness in general. But I do know that I did pass those exams in spite of doing just one revision if at all, so my life still has hope!


Megha Bansal said...

ROFL! that's a really funny post!

Good one Anu!

Anu Russell said...

yes yes!!

P said...

I totally agree about the idea of studying at the last min and using that pressure to study with mre concentration! Though I bet that was either of our motives.... but fear is an excellent motivator!!
I am actually doing that right now...so ironical that i shd read your post at this min! I have an exam tomorrow and I have put off studying till last week.... and even now... I am taking a "BREAK".... just trying to postpone it till as late as i can!!
So I am going to this as a sign that I will pass (this is a pass/fail exam)! :P

Anu Russell said...

You are definitely going to shine! do not worry...