Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Life is so muddled up. Our brain makes us think that we are the only ones existing in the world. The world revolves around us. Everyone must see me, and see me enjoy life, or suffer and feel happy or sad for me whatever the case maybe. How can they forget to feel what I am going through? The mind thinks like this all the time, until of course reality hits.

That life is not about you (or me), at least not always. There are others, going through similar or polar emotions just like you are. Everyone is a center of their own world or universe. We must give everyone their due and give them time and space.

So I learnt today. That it is not just me who has problems. There are others around me who are my friends who are also going through crap. But in moments of tension and such I forget. And when I hear it from them, I am covered with shame, that I was selfish and thought only about myself, my baby and my family...

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P said...

I think its worse when you are happy and forget about people around you!
In my opinion thats when you really hurt people who care about you!