Friday, January 03, 2014

A Wrap Up!

I don't think that 2013 was the best blogging year for me. That does not mean that nothing happened, instead it just means that I was so busy that I could not spend enough time on the blog. But all said and done, it is time to recap through the year that was...Generally speaking, 2013 was not a memorable year, most of it was blah, some scary parts, and then a few bits of fun here and there...

January - I really do not remember much of this month at all.  It is like I did nothing at all. There are no blogs to document anything and I am at a loss.
February - Accident.
March - I turned a year older, and wiser. 35! Whoo Hoo!
April - We started looking for a house aggressively.
May - We sealed the deal on the house. In one month we would move in! Start shopping for home essentials!
June - End of June, we finally moved into our very own nest. We had ten days to unpack and set up the house for our in laws to come and visit.
July - Father fell sick when my brothers were in India. I had to rush to parents side and spent a hectic week with them. I can never take the image of my father lying with tubes coming out of everywhere out of my head! Scary.
July also was the month when in-laws came. We had a great time chilling in the house.
August - Babs started big school. We finally made the move.
September - We did the Oktoberfest Run. My friends and I did the run in the morning and the fun in the evening at the world's second largest Oktoberfest! it was awesome!
October - Babs turned 6 and my parents spent a month with us. It was awesome!
November - Do not remember much other than waiting for Thanksgiving and the Holidays to start!
December - The big Trip around America.

On December 18, flu laden, Girish and I along with the awesome traveler Babs, set out on a drive around the south west. We started at our home and headed to Farmington, NM where we spent the night. The next day we saw the Monument Valley and spent the night at Moab, UT. On the 20th, we drove to the Arches National Park and headed to California. We spent 5 days in San Francisco during which we also spent a night in a youth hostel besides a light house. On the 26th we set out to head towards Las Vegas where we spent 4 days. We ate at Batali's, saw Le Reve (Cirque du Soleil), and tried new things. A two day stint at Sedona, and a one day stop at Santa Fe before heading home as tired and weary travelers. We had completed approximately of 4300 miles (6900 kms) in 14.5 days, driving through 6 states, 4 state capitals and visiting 2 national parks. It was the drive of a lifetime. And we are ready to do it all over again...maybe Yellowstone next time!

And with that we wrapped the Old year, packaged it behind us. Trying to forget the sadness it brought to my friends and to ourselves and hoping that things will get better in the future.

Happy 2014


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Megha Bansal said...

Happy New year.
I sincerely hope this year is better for everyone.