Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy 6th!!!

Dear Dear Babs!!!

I tried to steer you towards choosing Strawberry Shortcake for your Halloween Costume but you were adamant about being Cleopatra. Everyone found it funny and interesting that you had even heard of her. Of course, you have! You have only seen the "Adhisayam" song about a 1000 times. It did not stop there. You want to wear the costume every night and then talk to me about Cleopatra. Obviously you had no idea who she was or what she was but each day we wiki a little and now you know more about her. I like how you are getting into your character, like a method actor. You make me learn new things.

When you wanted the American Girl doll because you had to take it to a friend's party, my first reaction was hell-to-the-NO! But you never forced me to get you one. You asked for it and then said it was not a big deal if we did not get you one. When I made a deal with you to work for your doll, you agreed but kept worrying that you will not make it before your friend's birthday party. Rest assured mom and dad would have got you one anyways because you are that awesome!

You wanted a big party for your 6th. We sat you down and asked you if you would like to spend all that money and have a big party or have an intimate one with just us and you requested to add one friend. Well, we actually wanted to invite more than that but we wanted to low-ball you. We of course obliged and also have a special party planned for you with a few of your friends. Of course you have no idea about it but hopefully you are pleasantly surprised. And the money we saved from not throwing a big was supposed to go into your college fund, but instead went into mom's Prius maintenance fund after a rock hit the windshield pretty hard.

You have a big heart, you cried when my father was sick and hugged me tight and spoke to me at every given chance you had. You have adjusted with my temper tantrums, you tell me patiently, "amma, sometimes I think you have anger issues." You love me with your little hands. You play silly games with me and your dad and tell us how much you love us. The other day after you crashed in the car after some serious fun Dandiya, you whispered in my ears, "amma, I love you both a lot," and went right back to sleep. You refuse to sleep in your room and each day make some new excuse. You make me laugh and never cry. Even when I am going through crap in life, you make me put on a smiley face and forget stuff for the few minutes I spend with you.

Did I tell you, how amazing you are at hoola-hooping? At ping-pong? At ice skating? At being you? At how you make jokes out of everything just like your dad. At how you amazingly funny you are and how many inappropriate jokes you tell me and dad and I beg you not to repeat it to others? The joy you bring to my parents?

You are 6. I cannot seem to remember where the past five years have flown by...I remember bringing you home, and now you are ready to walk home by your own self from school, though that wont happen for a long while. And yes, school, you are adjusting so well there, you have made friends and today, I saw you go and pick your food from the cafeteria line. It was the most amazing sight, to see how independent you have become. But the screaming and yelling you did when you saw me and amma walking towards you to pick you up for lunch, was priceless. It was worth the two hours I missed out at work. When I came to pick you up at noon today, I saw you walking slowly and was the last kid in line with head bent down and dragging your feet, but the minute you saw me, the smile and excitement...was again worth every bit of it.

Every time you tell me that you understand that I cannot pick up early like other kids or do somethings that other kids do, you make me fall deeper into mommy guilt...but that is only because I love you and it is amazing how a 6 year old can understand what I am going through when I explain how I have to be at work. It is amazing that you are your own being...showering, eating, sleeping (in our bed) all on your own...

Happy 6th Sweetheart and I pray to all the Gods that we will together be able to celebrate many more as a family with Pappa, you and me! You cannot imagine how much we love you and we need you as much you need us.

Your Amma!

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Megha Bansal said...

So sweet.
Babs is a great kid! and you a great Mom.