Thursday, April 25, 2013


When you are busy or just feel that 24 hours is not enough then the first thing that goes out the window is....your blog. Yes! That is what has happened to me this year. I have never been this bad...oh well! Records are meant to be broken.

Anyways, this year has been epic so far. I cannot explain in words how each and every month has a scary turn associated with it.

February saw me getting into an Ford 250 pick up rear ended me on a busy high way at peak traffic hours. I am glad that I could drive that car home and could put my fingers in front of my face and could count them...I did a self test while I waited for the cops to arrive...gave myself a clean concussion. The cops never arrived and I drove him a beaten up Prius. Two months later and after a lot of back and forth we bought yet another new brand new car was totaled.

Friends have been sick, not the usual cold, but something more serious. A friend met with a horrible scary accident. Another friend is going through some issues that  break my heart every time I think about him and his family. And things going here and there that are scary. A late night phone call freaks me do not call me late unless it is the juiciest of juicy gossip.

I have not seen many new movies but am still engrossed in love with Korea and everything Korean. Love my dramas. Love my Korean actors. And the Korean Language...Still in love...more in love after I found this out... I wondered why it was so easy for me to pick up Korean...and then I realized the similarities that I pointed out to G, and he googled this up. He wondered why I had not thought of doing it before, and I told him that I never thought there could be such a thing...well wonders never cease.

Anyways...this is a good start and hopefully will keep it going!

Keep visiting and I will continue blogging...and switch over to another RSS feeder before google shuts Reader down.


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Megha Bansal said...

slacker indeed ;)
it's not been a good year so far. i hope it gets better.
and you too never text me at 10:30 asking if i am awake. It freaked me out, till you told me you were excited about something. :P