Friday, January 31, 2014

Funny...or Maybe Not!

What is a blog without penning down a few gripes here and there, now and then, and so on and so forth? So it is Gripe Time!!! 

My baby has beautiful golden brown reddish hair. Seriously out in the sun her hair shines red and indoors it is a demure dirty blonde. It is beautiful. It has always been like that. As people started noticing it they asked me a lot of questions, some of them that everyone thought it was funny but plain insensitive. And these questions were always asked in front of my baby!

Is G her real dad? Anu, tell me who is the real father...
 No you moron, I had an affair with a Caucasian and I am going to disclose it in front of everyone! Let us also let my parents or his parents who are around when you ask this question thinking how hillarious you are into my secret affair story.
Did you color her hair?
Yes, I fancy dyeing the hair of my toddler. I find it hard to get my hair get colored on time before it turns salt and pepper, as if I would sit and pollute my daughters head.

Your daughter has blonde hair!!!
Oh my God! Thanks, I have had her for 6 year and never noticed it!! Ever! You opened my eyes today!

Did she get switched at birth?
Yes, just like how you head is going to get switched with your arse!

Was she adopted?
Seriously Bitch! You want to ask that in front of my daughter? Were you adopted? Because I have met your parents and they seem smarter than you!

And for those who simply said, "she has beautiful hair," I thank you.



Sum said...

Huh... People can be such morons at times... Disgusting! I'll share my exp too sometime...

Anonymous said...

I got laid off today! wanted to vent out since I started reading you a few days back. Sorry this is my first comment but needed to vent. Thanks, take care and keep writing.
-Neha ( from Arizona)

Anu Russell said...

Sum, I agree...they are insensitive and think that it is funny and most of these people have kids!!! can you imagine that?

Anu Russell said...

Neha! All the best...things will turn around fast!! All the best for your search!

Megha Bansal said...

Wow, you meet some really crazy people.