Monday, November 21, 2011

I got a Troll

I used to write the blog hoping people will flock by the millions to read it. Slowly, it dawned on me that I am very non-controversial, write friendly stuff, and then slowly made this a memoir for my daughter sprinkled with some personal opinions here and there from time to time. I never thought I write anything that would make me seem pompous, stupid, pretentious. Never. Which explains why I have never been commented to rudely or been told interesting rude comments. I have rarely had an argument in the blogsphere. So anyways, here is the thought process I went through when I received the hate comment:

  • Obviously this is one SOB. Delete.
  • Ah! well, let it does this one person's opinion affect me over the two others who bothered to comment? 
  • Truth be told, I should be bothered...someone bothered to comment.
  • Bloody Biatch, how dare he/she/it say something so mean to me, especially when I do not know you.
  • Ah well, coward.
  • But the coward reads my blog, all readers (of the handpicked few) still need to be mentioned.
  • I cannot be a coward and not publish this person's comment. I should.
  • The coward decided to comment, which means the cowards hates me. As Bree in Desperate Housewives pointed it out, hate is not the opposite of Love, indifference is, Hate means that you still the coward cares enough to express dislike in the most tasteless way ever.
  • Coward is a coward, if I have time, will deal with it later.
  • I am famous, someone hates me!
So here I am, dealing with the coward, being true to myself and publishing the hate comment. So you, coward, hiding behind anonymous, come out, lets pull a chair, and drink some coffee discussing why you hate me so much. Who knows, might help you vent and me see your point.

"I have read many of ur posts simply because I find it interesting in a way like , wow what pretentious post has this woman written today .You are a showoff & a pretentious shallow woman who has bricks for her brain matter
I have read many posts by women who are so interesting and bright .You are not one of them in fact ur pretty irritating"

And here is me thanking you dear Troll, for showing me that you care. 



Shannah said...

Here's to the trolls. May they reside in the mud, under their bridges, popping up now and then to remind us that things stink in the world. PS-I think you're smart, interesting and pretty. And funny.

Anu Russell said...

Thanks Shannah! I just found it funny that someone had so much venom within themselves...must be really bad to be them!

Anonymous said...
here this a example for simple blog written by a dad.
Since you have come to the conclusion I care , let me start by saying this is how ur blog can also be .heartfelt ,non-pretentious ,facts of life , informative one.
there is no heartfeltness in ur blog , sometimes u write like ur desperately trying to manipulate the readers emotions with some mundane bs stuff .
anyway i hv removed u from my blogroll i read only because i liked reading abt ur girl ..who has another pretentious pet name 'babs' WTF is that cant that girl hv a sweet name?

Anu Russell said...

My darling annony,

Thanks. Thanks for critiquing what I write. I write for me, for my friends, and for the few others who stop by. If you think you are too good for this, then I am glad that you have moved on.

And now, coming to my baby, my beautiful baby, can be named only by me and my husband. Save your inputs for your spawn. And Babs to me is a perfectly sweet name that fits her so nicely.

And you are the one to talk about names when you are so happy being anonymous and ball-less to come out and say who you are and what sort of stuff you write. You cannot come here throwing your unwanted opinions at me while hiding your identity.

I am glad to get rid of your pretentiousness from my blog. Adios.


PS: At least I have a name and publish with it and do not hide behind anonymity.

Sum said...

Ohh Anon! If you don't like her writing, just don't read it!! Why should she write to please you, who doesn't even disclose identity?? Or anyone else for that matter?? We all write for our own selves, more than anyone else! I think that should be respected.

Anu Russell said...


Thanks for that :)


P said...

Dear Anon,

1. Sorry to say this, but Anu bhabhi is right! You have never met her in person, and maybe that is why you think she is pretentious! But she actually IS AS FUN AS SHE SOUNDS HERE! She has a kind heart, a wonderful free spirit and a FANTASTIC sense of humor. Infact you would like her if you met!

2. The fact that she dedicated a post to you, means she cares about you as an audience/ reader/ blog-follower. Despite the fact that you have audaciously written such things about her writing. Instead she has not only posted your comment, but also invited you out for a civil and adult discussion.

Try not speaking your snide mind here where we enjoy reading about each other's day, giggling at 'oh that's typical ART'! Clearly this site is not meant for you. So move on and try not to be so judgmental. We LOVE fun and that's why we are here! ADIOS!

Anu Russell said...

Thanks a bunch P