Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Branded - Are We?

I am not talking about you or you or you. This is about me. Strictly me and my feeling bad about not understanding the world around me. This is about what I think of brand names. I am not saying that I do not own anything that is branded, I do, but I mostly did not buy it because it was branded but more because I thought it was cute or it was something that made me happy and not others jealous.

I look at someone wearing a CC and go oooh! or someone wearing a those huge monogrammed Coach purses and I am like..."ok, brand name check." But then there are these other cooler brands, say like Kate Spade for example, unless someone comes close and hugs me and picks my purse up and reads, it is not going to matter, no one is ever going to know. Even Coach for that matter, a non-monogrammed purse might as well have been bought for $15 from Sam Moon's. Nobody will notice another black leather purse. Then why are we so brand crazy? I am pretty sure I do not have many friends who will know a purse or a shoe by season and by designer (Other than a Loub mais oui!). And for those couple of people to recognize the pain and effort you have put into acquiring that branded it worth it?

I always wondered why someone should shell out a lot of money for a purse that only they will know as branded or drop around hints to show how well kept they are. Of course, having spending money is a good enough reason but other than that, why? Please explain, I know people who have spent $200 for a plain Jane Louboutin and then later complain about money issues for making car or house payments. That is something beyond my comprehension.

Oh and then the shoes, I mean, unless I make you take your shoes off or you tell me, how on earth am I going to see what you are wearing and how does it matter?

So why dear darlings? What does it matter? Would you look down at me because I am scoring deals and check slickdeals every other day? Would it make you sick that sometimes I pick up my jacket or a pull over from Sam's club? Would it make it bad that I get shoes from online websites that have a kickass deal? Oooh...and would it make you cringe if I told you the cost of something you just complimented on? If you answered yes to any one of the above questions, then, we are just not meant to be. It was nice knowing you though.



sraikh said...

Ohh the coach bags annoy. Most of them are really fugly.

However, I am snobby about my cookware. :)

I grapple with the branded things, I have some really high dollar amount in my house. Should I tell XYZ that I thrifted it at got it 1% of its actual retail price or let everyone assume I am a super rich person who can afford 4 kids on one income in Snotty Bay area.:)

Sum said...

He he... good one! Frankly, i'm not familiar with most of those brands you named there, but then got the point! Shows how brand-ignorant i am :D... I hardly buy something overly expensive, just for the brand... I'd rather buy with the same amount many of the similar stuff, though un-branded, as long as i am comfortable using it!

Anu Russell said...


It is not that I dislike branded stuff, but I look for deals. I just do not get people who put brands over basic needs.

I totally agree with I like to save for the rainy day before I move ahead with branding myself.

Janani said...

A very good post Anu. Totally agree with your views on "brand obsession" that has gripped many of my friends these days.The last part of the post especially packs a lot of punch. Good one.

Anonymous said...

I have read many of ur posts simply because I find it interesting in a way like , wow what pretentious post has this woman written today .You are a showoff & a pretentious shallow woman who has bricks for her brain matter
I have read many posts by women who are so interesting and bright .You are not one of them in fact ur pretty irritating