Wednesday, November 23, 2011

500th Post

I really do not have much to say for a milestone post! It took me 6 years to get here. I started my first post on 11/8/2005 and here I am trying to write my 500th. I was not sure that I will ever get here. I was not sure how committed I was to writing. My interest in writing about movies, and then about some random personal stuff started off in a flurry of excitement and like all things that are new this also got old. Life took priority over my blog. I had a baby, then I had some health issues to tackle at home, I was frustrated with life and had nothing fun or interesting to share, I stopped blogging and then started off again. I just want to give myself a pat in the back for having kept up with the commitment.

I have made a few friends through the blog-world and I have made a couple of non-friends too, but whatever it was, the fun was there and I felt alive. Every time I had a cool idea or something fun happened all I thought about was, "I have to blog this." About 10% of them actually made it here because I am sometimes lazy and forget to get to things on time.

I am still a Desi movie addict, I watch all movies, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Since marrying G my Tamil movie watching has gone down considerable because he does not speak Tamil and I have to watch them on my own. I do not have very much "own" time any more. So I watch like 4-5 Tamil movies a year. Hindi movies on the other hand, I watch a lot of them. We love it. But, I do not blog about them any more. I just do not find the time. That led to the demise of my Movie blog which I have now combined with this one. I do try to write about the ones that really make a mark on me but not a review on everyone of them.

It is Thanksgiving weekend but we have very few plans made. The next four days are going to be super interesting. I cannot wait to spend a lot of quality time with my little one and G (when he is not working).

Happy Thanksgiving and have a Great Long Weekend!!!



Anonymous said...

good one :)
u need tamil friends too
intimate ones u will realise as u get older u will want to converse more n more in ur mother tongue ,i know this from a family ,I knew in my childhood ,it lead to a disastrous end for them
-u named me troll

Anu Russell said...

I knew we could be friends!

I agree I now have difficulty speaking Tamil or Telugu! I switch to Hindi instantly. I try to teach Babs Telugu but no luck. Hopefully soon she will inherit my love for languages.

Let us put past behind us and move on. Constructive criticism always welcome :)

Sum said...

500 posts???? Wow!! Keep up the writing, Anu.... I need some inspiration from you...
On a diff note, happy that u're now friends with Troll :D

Anu Russell said...

You are so funny!!! Yes, hopefully we will all move ahead with good relationships made...

Thanks and I know you will catch up with me soon with your beautiful pics and stories!!!


Megha Bansal said...

500!!! WOOOO!!! You rock!! Congrats!