Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Android-Iphone War

I have owned an iphone for 2.5 years. I love it. Granted, it has it's share of issues, mainly dropped calls, but I still love it. I have never had issues with any thing major, just your regular phone woes. I am obviously not writing this blog to praise my iphone and show my love for it.

My point is, that every time I have used my phone in front of an Android user I have heard one of the following or a combination of a few:

  • Iphone sucks
  • Iphone is so overrated
  • my (insert name of any Android phone) is so cool, so much cooler than your phone
  • My phone is faster than Iphone
  • It has all these wonderful apps
  • They never drop calls
  • I will do anything but buy an Iphone
  • Look at a person who is yet to get a smart phone and say, "I beg you, please never buy an Iphone, or else I will have to rethink our friendship."
  • Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon has better plans than AT&T (How is this iphone's fault?)
  • etc. etc. add your own.
I wonder why it is so important for Android users to advertise their phone? I have rarely stood up and fought a war for my phone even when someone is bashing my phone. It is awesome, I know it, the world knows it, I have never heard of a story where someone stood out in front of an Android store for a month to be the first to get their latest release. Never. 

I do not even think Android users can keep track of their own Galaxy, HTC, HTC Evo, Universe, Spaceship phones with intergalactic names coming out every other day. In spite of all this, I never say a mean thing about your phone ever. Never!

Yet, why do the Android users deem it necessary to defame Apple? While I am in awe of your super apps and cool stuff, why can't you appreciate the same in my phone? Obviously there are somethings my phone can do better than yours and vice versa, so lets celebrate each other's phone. Let's stop this boring discussion of how your phone is better than mine. Let our phone's not represent our ego. Let us be friend's who use our phones to communicate and not to compete with. Let's live and let live.



Megha Bansal said...

Because they have to 'defend' an inferior product ;)
The point is though that iPhone is a whole package..android is just the OS..so what is the battle?? Have you used an Andriod ? The interface is not intuitive at all..what is the big deal, I don't get it.

Anu Russell said...

I know and it just bothers me because it happens EVERY TIME! By mistake if I complain about something, it becomes a cue to start a discriminating discussion about the iphone...well you know what I am talking about.

Sum said...

Didn't know it happens everywhere! I've had similar issues too. I got D an iPhone and he just loves it, and so do i. And his cousins started off, 'Ohh why not android? it is this and it is that...', which made D think about it!

Well, i am into a job of working on Android and IOS apps, i get to use both these phones and others very often and it was my choice to get him iPhone! If your choice is something else i am completely ok with it, was my reaction!

Anu Russell said...

Sum, it happens everywhere...I really want to own my phone peacefully without being judged or criticized for my choice.

Arul John said...

Many of the people who thrash iOS for no reason also feel the need to be self-important on other issues. They also tend to be of non-technical backgrounds, unless they are paid to write anti-Apple product reviews.

My 2-year old iPod Touch and 4-month old iPhone 4 have been good so far. There were hiccups with the iPhone 4 and I had to get an OtterBox case (for the white iPhone 4) just to make phone calls, which was very annoying. I have had other issues with this gadget, but on the whole, I find it nice and useful.

Whenever someone notices that I have an iPhone and asks me why I didn't get an Android phone, my usual response is, "Why should I?" If they insist that their Android phone is the ultimate device, the evil side of me will drag them into a technical debate until they regret buying an Android phone.

It's not about which phone is better; people should learn to respect others' choices, unless asked for their opinion about the brand/model.

Anu Russell said...

Thanks Arul...exactly my point...respect my choice...

P said...

giggles... dare I point out that you just defended ur "iphone" here?? :P
(Past andriod user who does admire the Iphone none the less) :)

Anu Russell said...


Did it sound like a defensive rant? No no, it was not meant to be so. The truth is I love my phone, and I never ever say any disparaging comments about others...so was just begging people to live and let live...that is all...