Monday, June 28, 2010

My Baby knows to Cajole me!

Last year, I went to my mother's house and had a ball and also did some memorable things like dropping my daughter on the floor. I did one mistake last year though, I did not plan my trip well to make it coincide with my brother's vacation. He reached mother's house a day after I left.

This year, we were both smart and timed our vacation to spend it together. He picked us up at Birmingham airport, about a 2.5 hour drive from mother's house last Sunday (06/20) and dropped us off only this Saturday. I had no mind to come back home. I was crying on the flight very softly and tried to hide it from Babs. Babs pulled me close to her, gave me a hug, and then told me not to cry. She picked up an imaginary phone and spoke to my mother, "ammamma, my amma is crying, please come and pick us up from the airplance. Thank you, bye."

Thank you Babs, that made my day!



Megha Bansal said... terribly cute of her.
i have a very strong hunch that your crankiness that u descried elsewhere had something to do with you coming back :)

Sum said...

Kids are the sweetest! They'll exactly know when u're down....
Sooo sweet of babs...

Ishita Sharma said...

awwwwwwwwwww...shoo sweet of her...must say....she would be very cute baby...

P said... have one smart little girl
Children are far more perceptive than adults can be and hence end up surprising us having caught us off guard! :)