Thursday, June 17, 2010


This morning I did some updates to the appearance of my blog. Can anyone notice/see it? It is simple small widget.

Other than that today I got a shocker of my life. My girlfriends and I have been at a spree to loose weight for sometime now but I am not about the success of our plans or challenges. Nothing has worked so far. One of the girls, lets call her A, forwards an old email that she found in her inbox dated sometime in November

So the numbers now are:


Lets keep a track & maybe weigh-in again sometime between T’giving & X’mas…

 She also added that she had lost two since then. Very excited I responded saying, hey me too, I have lost not bad...but not too much of a loss. I was not super sad...yet!

I bumped into her at the kitchen and we got talking about it again and she reminded me that the email was not Nov of 2009 but it was from Nov of 2008. I went into the complete WTF mode. Shit! That is hardly a loss. I wanted to loose more than that! Ideally, I should have lost at least 10 not 2.8. Shit!

I got back to my desk and the third colleague also responded saying that she had also lost 2.5...and her day also got screwed after I made her check the day! Now I feel better that I was not the only sucker!

We have a new challenge starting tomorrow and we have a $20 wager to see who can loose 3 pounds in 6 weeks starting tomorrow. This is going to be extremely difficult for me considering that I will be spending a week at mother's home doing nothing but eating and sleeping and playing with the kids.

The next time you meet me, beware of complimenting me on loosing weight. I have documented date to prove that you are lying and that I have barely lost any weight to show any difference to you or to anyone! G...that goes to you too...

FAT ART (not Fart!)

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