Friday, June 11, 2010



This year, I am being super aggressive about getting you to learn some swimming. And you are being super aggressive about doing everything but paying attention in your class.

The first set of class we went to, you despised the teacher and screamed bloody murder every time I tried to dunk you into water.

The second set of classes which is during summer is even hard for me. You are constantly eying the kids in the outdoor pool who are making too much noise and obviously having way more fun than you. I have to scream and yell and promise you outdoor time to get you to be focused for like 10 minutes.

But the best thing is that we both are having fun. The outdoor pool is your favorite. We soak in the one feet deep water. I soak and you do all sorts of gimmick. We play in the playful fountains. You are still scared of the slide and refuse to go on it. We run around and when I look around I see that I am the only parent there with her kid but you and I laugh and play and I care a naught for what others think. And when we get home you are so tired that you are ready to sleep at 8.30pm. Which is always welcome for me and G.

I really hope that you will learn to swim soon and enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Your amma!


P said...

Aahhh... I wish I was around.. I would have joined you girls :)

I LOVE swimming and have been looking for company :)

Megha Bansal said...

hehe..i am glad u guys are having fun! i can't wait for MnN to learn.