Monday, June 07, 2010

What is that?


I cannot tell you how funny you are. You have a brilliant sense of humor just like your dad and you make all of us laugh even when we are tired and cranky.

This past weekend you were with your uncle. We were all sitting down after a big meal when you went up to your uncle and pointed at his tummy and asked:

B: What is this?
Uncle: six pack.
B: No that is not six pack.
U: Ok eight pack.
B: That is Pettu (tummy).
U: No, it is six pack.
B: Yours is not sick pack. Yours is big pettu.
Then you pointed to your own barely there tummy and said, "This is six pack."

G and I took you to Target to get you a pair of blue flip-flops with huge ugly blue stones in it so that you would stop complaining. You are complaining because I refused to buy those ugly things for you the last time we went shopping and you cried your heart out. But they are ugly, you will understand when you are big enough! I really did not want to take you shopping but you cried both the times I wore my pink Birkenstock's because it for some odd reason (both being flip-flops) reminded you of your un-bought blue ugliness. I got tired of the drama and gave-in.

You were in your cart and I was desperately looking for the blue flip flops for you in your size but could not find it at all. Then I got lucky, I found a very similar pink flip-flop with was ugly too but more bearable than the blue ones. I was excited but before I could celebrate your dad did the most unthinkable. He presented to you, a silver sandal. It had silver chamki's (glitter) and stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors thrown all over in a random fashion. Yuck! I begged G not to show it to you but it was too late. You had seen it and you demanded that you wanted it.

I put the pink ones, I did everything to show you my excitement. You took it in. I was happy when you started tugging at the slipper near the toe and told me it hurt. I still wanted the pink over the ghastly silver one but your father stepped in and touched both the materials and declared that the silver might not be cute but it was more comfortable. You once again screamed for the silver. I gave in. You and your father were happy. I cried silently inside. I tried to tell him, "We are girls, girls should do fashion over comfort." You father ignored me.

You wore it home and when I got you out of the car and made you walk, G told me, "it is not that bad."

"It is puke-worthy," I said with a disgusting look on my face."

"If you were wearing it probably. On her everything looks cute."

"awwww," Wait a minute, "What did you say???!!!!"

Mental note to self, no more G to the store for shopping...just amma and Babs from now on!

I love both of you!!!



Megha Bansal said...

hahaha..babs is hilarious! Six pack!
and i have seen those sandals and i understand your look now :D
too cute!

lifeisbetter said...

Very emotional and well written.

P said...

sandal drama! Reminds me of the time I made my father buy sandals for me which got him in trouble with mum dearest! :)