Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And then it happened...

When it did, it did not feel like anything big. It was simple and easy and we did not pay much attention to it.

I was making a phone call from his apartment. No one was there and I had a long chat with a friend of mine in Mumbai and was talking to her about G. She had found out information regarding G from common friends and she warned me not to date G because he was mean to one of her friends. I told her, "whatever," because in my mind I liked this guy. He was cute, funny, smart, intelligent, blah, blah, blah...

G came in just when I was hanging up and he sat down. I got up to go back to my apartment when he asked me if I was in a hurry. I said, nope. The only deal was that school was starting the next day and I wanted to get organized a bit for that. He told me to sit down and chat for a bit and I sat down and we both started talking.

He told me about his past and I did about mine. It was literally like we were both laying our past in front of each other trying to start something new. And at the end of it, when I expected nothing, he held my hand and told me, "I think I like you."

I was like, "what do you mean like me?"

"I think I like you as a person, as a whole."

And I was silent. My heart was racing. I had wanted this to happen forever since we became friends, which was like 5 days ago (on August 15th) but not like this. Well, I actually had no plan for it. Now I was scared that if I accepted too soon, then it might seem like I was being too ready. While I thought for a few seconds G asked me, "what are you thinking?"

"You are talking about serious thing leading to marriage?"

"Well, I am too young for that now, but if things work out for that long then why not?"

"Ya, thats fair enough. Because even I am not ready for a commitment you know."

"I agree."

Thinking I am super smart I told him, "Can we wait till the end of December, be friends and see how that works and then decide if we want to date?"

"Sounds like a plan." Now what man would not like to have a non-commital relationship? I think I gave him exactly what he wanted.

But unfortunately for him, from August 20, 2000 he was hooked to me for life. Little did he have an idea of what was waiting for him starting the very next day.

On the very first day of us being "friends-to-be-dating" I probably gave him hints that I was looking for something more serious than just trying it out and being friends.

  • I demanded that he go for long with me on campus late in the night.
  • I demanded he hold my hand.
  • I demanded that I know about everything he is upto. No secret between friends right?
  • All these and many more...

Well, in short I was being his girlfriend! Poor G did not make me sign a friendship contract and he was in it for life.


Sum said...

Wow... thats so nice...... Loved reading it....
Now i'm feelng like writing down my story with Dee..... :)

Megha Bansal said...

hehe..the mental pressures we go through :D
cute stuff...write more!!!

Meena said...

Hi Anu,

How are you? Nice reading your love story. But somehow it seemed abrupt. I read in one of your old old posts that you and your husband have different mother tongues. That means this was inter-caste ( maybe religion too, since you have a english middle name). How was that handled by both your parents and yourselves once you got married and reality sets in ? mind sharing?

- Meena