Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Selai Kattum Pennuk Oru Vasam Undu...

That is the first line of a song from the movie Kodi Parakuthu which stared Rajni and Amla. Well if you know me then you would know that I am a staunch thalaivar fan. I have always been one. The line tells that there is a special beauty for a girl who wears a saree. And oh my god! Do I agree with that or what???

Well the past weekend saw all my friends in sarees. It was beautiful. The color sarees bring to any celebration can be matched by none. It is stylish, classy, makes you look skinny, adds a glow to your face, and in all that it still comes out as being sexy. WOW! No wonder our country's population has no stopping point :)

When I was in school and college, I could never drape a saree myself. I never even tried. I would tell my mother and she would have one of her friends come and help me into a saree whenever I wanted to wear one. My mom draped a saree really well, but only for herself. She could never do the same for me. She would fumble. It was funny that we would both get into an argument and I would land up wearing a salwar suit. So from then on I had someone drape a saree for me. And I never learnt how to do it.

When I moved to the US of A, I was a bit lucky because I knew friends who knew the magic art and I tagged along, but when I moved to Dallas, I was alone. I had to figure it all out myself. I would call my sister-in-law over the phone and ask her to give me step by step instructions. It never looked right. I hated it. I slowly started to pay attention when friends helped me out.

Today after 30 plus years of existence, I could finally do it for the wedding this weekend. I got into my saree in less than 10 mins and I cannot tell you how proud I felt. I am the kind that is super comfy in a saree. I can run, dance, and do loads of masti in one but just could never figure out how to drape one. Now I have that conquered too! I feel so happy. And I am looking forward to more saree draping demanding occasions...bring it on people!



P said...

I totally agree with you! Infact, I am a staunch believer! Even chinese women look great in Sarees... i have seen few and they looked lovely.

Personally, I look forward to occasions that allow me to wear a sari.. I learnt pretty early on how to drape it.. cause my mum doesnt like wearing saris!

PS: saw ur pics.. loved them! :)

Sum said...

Ha ha.. i too used to find it so difficult initially.... i'd be embarrassed to ask my MIL to help out with one... And now, i can do it so well, all by myself, and just love it... i've even started wearing them to office occasioanlly, for a change :)

Megha Bansal said...

and u looked beautiful :)
oct 24th wear a saree :)