Monday, October 13, 2008

Water Gardens at Fort Worth

We went their for the first time in the five plus years we have lived here...and it was the one of the most fun thing we had done in sometime now...probably our life isn't that interesting any more...but if you live in Dallas and get stuck in the loop of "Where do we take our guests to?" Then you have an answer to that...Water Gardens at Fort Worth!!! is fun, activity filled and close to Sundance Square and other interesting places in Ft. Wt...

Sorry cannot post any pics as I forgot to take our camera with us and hence we landed up taking in the fun visually and carrying it in our brains!!!

Other places of importance in Dallas where we have taken our guests to in the past...
  • Kennedy Museum
  • Downtown Dallas
  • Museums in Ft. Wt.
  • Sundance Square
  • Our Condo
  • Maggiano's Little Italy
  • Some random Desi restaurant (mostly Taj Chaat House)
  • Desi Grocery store
  • Drive up and down on George Bush Turnpike...
  • Sit in our Condo and think of where to go and decide staying home and watching a movie on the TV is more fun
  • Our Pool
  • Lake Lewisville
  • Lake Texoma
  • Lake Ray Roberts
  • Ft. Wt. Zoo
  • Galleria
  • Stonebriar Mall
  • Grapevine Mills Mall
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Clay Pit's dance night for some Desi Dic-chak mujic...
  • Gaylord (MG Suggestion)**
  • Stockyards at Ft Wt (MG Suggestion)**
  • Thomas Crowe Museum of Art ( got a huge Asian collection) (Kavita Suggestion)**
We are still planning on going to the Fossil Rim and Big Bend...

If you know any places of fun around it down for me so that we can try it out when we have the next batch of guests!


** MG Suggested this in her comments!


Megha Bansal said...

u forgot Gaylord and stock yards! that's the foremost on my list ;)

Kavita said...

Thomas Crowe Museum of Art ( got a huge Asian collection)