Thursday, April 27, 2006

Modati Cinema (2006) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking : 3/5

Cast: Navdeep, Poonam and all the comedians in the Telugu industry
Director: Kuchipudi Venkat
Music: Swaraj

You wish! You really wish that life was this simple and easy. All you had to do was walk around the city and wait for things to fall in place...How unfortunate for the few of us who do not lead a fantasy life...That life does not happen by chance... But it is always fun to see a fantasy movie!

Sriram (Navdeep), a rich kid, goes around helping people elope and get married...He is not interested to get married as he is not in love with anyone and that he is only twenty-two...Really who gets married at twenty-two these days?

Sindhu (Poonam) is from a middle class family with a step mother and a step sister and a spineless father. Sindhu is struggling to get a job and stand on her own so that she wouldn't be a slave in her own house under her evil step mom. She steps out of the house for her interview when the story starts...

Sriram sees Sindhu walking down the street and falls in love with her. He accosts her after rescuing her from a bank robbery and they become friends. He walks around the town with her and makes her almost miss her interview...She gets mad with him but is happy that she got dropped off at the office on time for her interview. After receiving the appointment letter Sriram asks her to go visit some special place with her for coffee. She does...and remember all this is happening in one day. Some misunderstandings occur and they part company...Until Sindhu realizes that she has made a mistake and turns back trying to search for Sriram.

Eventually the two of them fall in love with each other by the end of the day. In the meantime Sindhu's daddy fixes up a marriage alliance for her and the wedding is scheduled for the very same night at 9.30pm...All Sindhu knows about the guy is that he is an NRI and has something to do with Sriram Chits. When Sindhu visits her father at Sriram Chits and catches him talking to Sriram (which is incidentally owned by Sriram's family) She assumes that her father has fixed her marriage with Sriram. She is happy and without any questions accepts the proposal.

Just before their wedding her uncle realizes that the bridegroom is not Sriram but Srikanth another NRI and he is upset and confused. He decides to help Sindhu out and they figure out a solution to make it a happy ending...Now don't tell me that you would not have guessed that this movie had a happy ending if I had not told you so...

As much as I love feel good movies...I get thrown off by totally unbelievable stories. I agree that if you are marrying some guy you do not know anyway then why not marry a guy you have spent a day with...But still...Why give the guy who is waiting all dressed up and excited the moot? This is the latest trend in Tollywood movies, to have a second guy and give him the boot in the last scene just before the marriage...All his relatives and family are sitting in the crowd but he magnanimously walks out and no one asks any questions...I wish I could meet a guy who did that...ya right!

I am also ubale to digest the fact that Sriram's father who does not reside in the same city as him (I guess he lives somewhere abroad per the phone call) somehow lands in HYD within three hour or less notice...Amazing this technology. My dad would have thrown a fit had any of my brothers done either:
1) Stopped their marriage in the last minute
2) Or give my father half hour notice about their marriage...

Once again this is an attempt beyond idealism. Movies are always try to play with the fantasies of people's mind...But this one is just way beyond belief...You know, like most of the times you have wish it happened to you but with this one...There is no chance...and that's the reason this movie is not upto mark...

It gets full points for freshness, acting, characterization, music, and many other things but it looses its grip in the most important area...The story...After the first half you really hope something different might happen but alas it is just not how you expect...Modati Cinema...Average cinema...

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