Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nuvante Nakishtam (2006) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 2.5/5

Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Allari Naresh, Anu Mehta
Director: EVV Satyanarayana

Yuva (Aryan Rajesh) who god-knows-what-he-does is a rich kid from USA who lives with his grandmother in a unbelievingly big house in New York...I have to tell this here before proceeding...His father passed away when Yuva was a little boy...Unless his father had some underworld dealing or the CEO of Microsoft (which is not him for sure) there is no way on earth he could have made so much money...and in a lot of scenes Singapore is tried to pass off as America...Infect even the house they show must be located in Singapore and not New York, New York. Why lie or cheat your viewers?!

So proceeding to the story...He is under grandparental pressure to get married. He sees some photos, picks the girl he likes and flies to India and takes the train to Rajmundry to meet the girl, Radha (Anu Mehta). Radha does not seem interested but her parents are excited. Everything is finalized until Yuva learns about her love for another man Devudu (Allari Naresh) who is no more...

Devudu, an orphan grew up with Radha...Fell in love with her. When he approached Radha's father he was asked to move to the city to earn some money...But he got killed in an accident while trying to steal something and run. Yuva advises her to move on and heads back to Singapore...Err...America...

Once back home he decides that he should marry Radha because he knows her past and can accept her with it and treat her well unlike any other man who might marry her. He once again flies back...and during his transit at Singapore he bumps into a country bumpkin (Allari Naresh) at which time you know where the ending of this movie is heading to...Incidentally Yuva becomes friends with the country bumpkin (CB) without ever asking for his name...

Now after flashback we realize that the CB an orphan fell in love with a rich girl and he was asked to earn some money and come back to ask for the hand of the girl formally...CB went to Singapore made some money in a year and is now back to win the girls hand...He is excited...

How stupid can you be? A dude here is telling a story similar to what the father of your wife-to-be told you and you cannot put two and two together? You are way too stupid buddy!

Anyhoo any more of writing and you will have no need to watch this average telugu fare. There is nothing new in the movie...It is even boring at more than one instance...The comedy track is the only positive thing in the movie (which is also not so great)...My advice is watch it if you are as jobless as me! And note there is no mention about Music!!!

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