Friday, April 21, 2006

My dearest friend celebrates his Birthday Today. Here is wishing my friend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

...He might be as old as an Australian Turtle but at Kill Devil Hill in NC he was issued a half ticket for entry by the ticket issuer...He might claim that he knows the Tamil Language really well but when someone asks him to bring Sombu (Somph in Hindi) he will bring Chombu (A bucket typically used for carrying water while doing you-know-what behind the trees) for you all the way from India...that too a brass one! He can sleep inbetween bites and also while playing chess on yahoo with you. His stories about sleeping are legendary in school. BTW when he is drunk he starts speaking in HINDI starting with Hindi humarah Rashtra Bhasha Hai! and ending at Ittefaq se Gir Gaya!

He will never become fat, never Lie to you about anything, never stay awake for more than 10 minutes but can be the most lovable friend you can ever have!! He is so nice that he never tells anything but shake his index finger when we start spreading his stories to everyone...He can watch crappy Tamil movies (Eg. KASI, Daya, Tamizh, etc...!!!) and make everyone also watch it. Lover of Chess, cricket, football, etc...Can start an argument about what would touch the ground first when thrown from a cliff...paper or a rock...and continue it for three hours trying to prove his point with Physics formulae! But in all he is a super-intelligent and fundu friendu!

Have a great birthday my Coimbatore Counder-Chettiar! We miss you so much!



Seashells said...

I don't like your friend. He doesn't put on weight and can sleep anytime. I'm the polar opposite...

Anu Russell said...

Lol! Ya I wish I could be like that!...I can sleep a lot but I can add weight too...a lot...and fast!