Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pattiyal (2006) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 3.5/5

Cast: Arya, Bharath, Pooja, Padmapriya
Director: Vishnuvardhan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Pattiyal is the story of two orphans Kosy (Arya) and Selva (Bharath), whose life started in a slum in Chennai. They grew looking out for each other and in course of time they resort to becoming hired killers. Swamy (VMC Haneefa) brings them their contracts to kill people. Together they kill many men one after the other.

Kosy is the hot headed drunk who is almost always never in a good mood. He keeps running away or ignoring Saroja a neighborhood girl who pines for him. We do not know the exact reason Saroja loves a gangster...But Kosy does not permit himself with any distractions and keeps pushing her out of his life.

On the other hand Selva is mute and he has a photographic memory storing images of his victims in his head. He is smooth, he knows how to operate and is very smart and patient too. He loves Kosy a lot and would do anything for his friend. Selva also has a lady interest in Pooja who is a pharmacist who falls in love with him...Now she does not know that Selva's profession so she is excused for not having a reason to love a gangster.

The first half of the movie projects the life of Selva and Kosy. But the twist starts in the second part of the movie where Swamy delegates the murder of a very rich businessman in Coimbatore, Nachimuthu Gounder (Santhana Bharathy) to Selva and Kosy.

In the meantime Saroja's harassing boss rapes her in lust and Kosy comes to know about it. He abandons his Coimbatore trip temporarily to take care of his personal business. What is the outcome of his actions? What happens to Selva in Coimby needs to be seen on screen where the movies goes through twists and turns before finishing off in what I thought was a predictable ending.

I have to admit that Vishnuvardhan's Arindhum Ariyamalum is still my favorite movie. I have seen it like 4 times and I loved just love the movie. I guess Vishnuvardhan has a liking towards gangsters and likes to make movies based on them...Well he has done a pretty decent job so far!

As for the protagonists, Arya needs a HAIR CUT!!! GET ONE! I know you are a gangster but you look like a little T.Rajender in most scenes...It is Chimpu's duty to imitate his dad not yours! But hey you act naturally and yup! Your eyes are magnetic. I also liked few of his dialogue delivery when he gets mad with Selva for falling in love.

Bharath, slowly but steadily has been making place for himself in the cinefield. Who would have thought that Bharath from the long forgotten movie Boys would become an actor in demand?! Well Kadhal surely gave him the boost he needed and he has held steadily to it! Nice job as the mute and deaf gangster. His face, eyes, and bodily language expressed his feelings very aptly.

As for the heroines...Both Pooja and Padmapriya played a easily forgettable role...So I can only feel sorry for them. Music by YS Raja is as usual cool and the camera work by Nirav Shah is awesome!

You can watch it if you like gangster movies...Else just see Arindhum Ariyamalum or Mercury Pookal...This might just be a little too sad for you!


Vikram Prasad said...

Do you really watch all these movies? Do you get time?

Anu Russell said...

I do! I try and pace them once a week or once in two weeks! I enjoy watching movies!!! It is my hobby!