Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekdays are very taxing...At least most of the time...But we pull through five days of work and drudgery because we know that it ends in fun...Weekends are times of relaxation and fun...Sometimes it is too much fun and very little relaxation...This weekend was like that...We hardly stayed home...

Starting Friday evening...We went over to our friend's house to set up things for a surprise birthday party for a very good friend who moved away from Dallas to live in a small University town in Kansas...He was coming down with two other friends who were our partners in crime.

Everyone successfully acted as if they had forgotten his birthday during their drive down to Dallas and wished him after he asked for it around 12.30am...They entered the house and we were like 30 of us hiding in the garage with the decorations done, candle lit on the cake and balloons floating in the air. It was difficult to keep everyone quiet but we managed and waited. The birthday boy was lied to and made to enter the garage on the pretext of seeing a BMW that one of his friends had bought it was sure a warm and pleasant surprise seeing 30 plus faces singing 'appy birthday to ya!!!!

We sat around, had dinner around 1.00am, chatted and headed back home around 3.30am...It was surely tiring but was worth the while.

Saturday...Giri and I woke up early...We got ready and headed to our friends place where the Kansas gang was hosted and decided to go to temple. We prayed and then went to Lake Lewisville and rented two speedboats...I was so apprehensive about boating as it was a cold day and the wind was high...But all my darling friends forced me into the deal...Giri having a love for adventure (which somehow I do not possess) went into the big lake...It was scary...I was like WOW! I do not think this is fun...It looked really scary today...Usually it has never looked so foreboding...We were the only visible boat in the whole bloody lake...I freaked out and made Giri turn around to the calmer waters before everyone tubed in the back...Me and my girlfriends did not...But it was fun watching!

Tired and hungry we moved our base to PF Changs after some cleaning up...Food was amazing which was followed by my darling friend who played the strings and sang few of my favorite songs before we headed back home by 3.00am...Long day again!

Sunday...Gosh! We woke up at 1.06pm...really...It was late but we were well rested...and hit the road to Temptations for some Indo-Chinese cuisine. It was bad...Everything was either too spicy or bad...Then some bowling...I sucked at it...hehe...and then we bade farewell to all our friends reminding ourselves about the end of our weekend...Sunday SUX ppl...

We later got home, I did some cleaning and folding clothes before hitting the bed at 12.00am...Now that was a busy weekend for thirteen to fourteen of us who hung around even after the birthday party...But we all enjoyed it...I guess this weekend was more busier than my last week at work!


Seashells said...

Seems like you had lots of fun, which is the good part. The sad part though is that now you have no weekend tales to email me :)

Anu Russell said...

Haha! I am sorry about that! since I am out of my writers block I can concoct something to e-mail you anyways! hehehe!