Thursday, December 18, 2008

If I had the choice

of meeting an Indian actor, then it would be...


I always loved Rajnikanth. Grew up watching his movies, his stunts, and watching my friends imitate everything about him. He was a star, today an icon and will be a legend tomorrow. And of course I would like to meet him.

But if you asked me now, I think it is Surya. He is not overtly handsome, can act, is totally cool, can match Aamir, Sallu and Hrithik on Physique, can match SRK on screen presence and yet is so South Indian.

I always tell G, that there is a thing about South Indian men. They might not be hugely tall, or fair or anything like what Sallu or Hrithik are but they definitely do not border on looking like women either. Surya does not need a mustache to make him look like a man. He is the perfect representation we can ask for.

Ajith too fair to represent the pamara (aam) South Indian and Vijay too average looking, but Surya has the combination cut out for him.

Ya, it is him. No two ways about it!


Shar said...

Amen to that!!.....I am with u on the whole "South Indian men" thing...They deftly are absolutely drool worthy ;) ;)...

Anu Russell said...

hehehe Shar

I think South Indian men mostly are made only for the South Indian know...Not everyone can like them but we cannot give up on them either!

Anonymous said...

I dont know whether he had the same looks in his old old movies... Now yes I admit he is one of the hottest cutest actor in south... He is very down to earth too (unlike most other actors)