Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Plans

We have a small group of friends in Dallas and we always seem to keep our weekends extremely busy and this weekend was no exception. It started on Friday evening when me and a friend met up at a mall, did some shopping and then went to meet with two other friends, got ready and headed to Clay Pit where we had dinner and then danced away to Desi songs till about 2.30 in the morning. Yes, we were all exhausted but what kept us going was this dude on the dance floor who danced all alone with full enthu and seemed happy doing so...So two of my friends kept immitating this dude's dance steps and we were laughing our guts out!

Next day, me and a friend who has a love for exploring decided to go to Downtown Dallas. Later, we managed to convince three others to join us. We went to the Kennedy museum, got a little sad, and then walked the downtown as usual looking for a mom-pop cofee shop...everything was closed other than we had coke and icecream at a small store and drove back to get ready for the Strings concert...about which you will read in a separate blog...

When we went to sleep after the concert and dinner at IHOP it was 2.30 in the morning again. All the screaming and yelling made all of us sore and tired...We slept till 2.00pm the next noon...When I woke up I was hurting everywhere...I think the age does catch up on you...and lazied the whole of yesterday...Saw the bloody Netherlands Vs Portugal game and then cooked food and ate an amazing dinner before heading back home around 11.30...and as usual we saw a stupid drunken driver who was driving on three lanes...annoying...

And when the weekend came to a close we are all looking forward for the week to recuperate our we do have the four day weekend coming up and plans are starting to hatch!

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